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April 25, 2010

All sudden it is fall – wind and rain!

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Today, Sunday, was a pretty miserable day and we were blown of Deer Lake by strong gusts. While the first couple days of September were still nice the rain and lots of wind started yesterday. We did yesterdays training on one side of Deer Lake only to stay out of the big gusts as much as we could. That’s okay to do if the pieces are only 15-45sec long. Today’s workout was supposed to be 9 x 2km (once around Deer Lake is ~1.6km). We were hit with gusts of wind all over the place and gave up after about half. So we were lazy today.
Last night we went and saw the second game of the MANN Cup series (Lacrosse) between New Westminster Salmonbellies (Western Conference Winners) and Brampton (Eastern Conference Winners). Queens Park Arena was almost sold out and we had to sit in the “guest” corner. It was a fun game to watch with New West starting strong in the first 2 periods. Brampton caught up though and the game went into overtime in which Brampton controlled the game and crushed New West 13:10 (who at one point had a 6:1 lead). Here are a few pictures for those who have never seen a game 🙂

Queens Park Arena – teams are lined during the National Anthem.

 New West Goalie and defense men – goal looks pretty small but the ball is also small and the players through it HARD and FAST


 Action shot (well it was a bit dark in the arena for my little point-and-shoot)

 AH – and as for all Canadian national sports – fighting is a big part of it

  And since it is a rough sport they have #1 wiping the floor all the time. Poor guy got a good workout on Saturday when he sprints of the floor after his work is done.


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  1. “All sudden it is fall – wind and rain!
    « K2inCanada’s Blog” certainly got me addicted with ur blog! I actuallywill certainly be returning more normally. Thanks a lot -Kathryn

    Comment by http://tinyurl.com/primquirk24437 — February 5, 2013 @ 10:58 AM

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