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April 25, 2010

Back from Downunder – Dec 4, 2009

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Back again in cold but sunny Vancouver. We went from +30C in Cairns to +17C in Sydney to -2C in Vancouver over the last couple days. Yikes! Is it good to be home? Hm, I am not sure yet. Australia was great, even though the first two weeks were rainier, colder and windier than Vancouver but the rest was like it is supposed to be – warm to hot and sunny most days. So much to talk about but that has to wait until I sort through my 10,000+ pictures taken over 63 days and 12,000+kms. Stay tuned.
Not much changed here: My plants are still alive thanks to my plant sitters!!!; the car started up without much problem – little bit of sputtering; our neighbour’s cats still recognize us but they are still mad because we had our friend’s cats here just before we left and they seem to remember that over everything else; nobody changed the carpets in the house; laundry is already done – funny how bad the traveling clothes smelled after coming back home – never notice that in Australia but I guess sweating into the same stuff for Weeks could cause that. We were taking the Aborigine approach were a sand bath is better than no bath; our house sitter left us a new Wii game and a fridge full of booze.
Now I have to figure out what’s next. Finding a job? Or another big kayak regatta to train for? Or go back to school? Look into immigrating to Australia? But first get used to the bloody cold weather here.

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