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April 25, 2010

Slow Cooker – Jan 8, 2010

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I really love the slow cooker. You just cut all the ingredients into medium size pieces and throw them it into the pot, add spices and liquid and turn it on and then forget about it for 6-8hrs. Not that I do not have enough time to cook while I am at home but you never know what comes up. The below example shows it clearly:

On Wednesday morning I prepared a North African Beef Stew with yams and dried plumbs and lots of cumin and garlic as spices. After I started the slow cooker I felt a bad headache coming on and I actually got sick enough that I spend all afternoon in bed – good thing I used the slow cooker. When Jeff came home from work the stew was almost done. Only thing left for him was to prepare the Couscous. I told him to follow the instructions on the package. Unfortunately he used my approach to following instructions and only read half of them. So instead of adding 2/3 cups of couscous to 1 cup of water he added the full package. He thought it didn’t look quite right and almost resorted to making some rice instead. Luckily he first tried to just add more water and in the end the couscous turned out fine – just a “bit” more than we needed that night. And the moral of the story – I am a bad influence and Jeff is only responsible to cook rice (using the rice cooker) from now on.


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