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April 25, 2010

Statutory Holidays never felt so good – Apr 2, 2010

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It has been a while since my last blog – being back at work takes some adjustments. Having today off is sooo nice!! Jeff and I planned to go for a paddle but unfortunately a big storm is blowing up and down the BC coast with strong gust up to 60km/hr. Hey wait a minute – that’s no worse than what we had to race in at the World Masters Games in Australia, except that the air and water temperature was up by at least 10 degrees.
And we had the construction guys come in this morning as well – they don’t seem to get Good Friday off. The end to our “flood” ordeal is finally in sight. No more holes in walls or ceilings. All that is missing is a bit of paint on the walls. So by next Tuesday we should be DONE. My friend Krista loaned me a couple boxes when it happened in which I store all the non-perishable food items I had to move out of the cupboards. I promised her she would get them back in a week. Hah – what a joke, it’s now over a month. But she’ll be glad to get them back next week because they are moving in a couple weeks.
I have gotten so used to my 8hr sleep at night that my time after work is too short to do all the things I’d loved too. I know most of you think – “8hrs!!!!, I never get 8hrs” – but after being off for 9.5 month one can get used to a lot of nice things. Like sleeping in and exercising in the middle of the day. Now I am back to do stuff either before or after work, sigh. At least it’s light now till 8pm so I can go for a paddle on the lake after work. Currently I am spending my work hours at two different locations – one close to home, the other close to the lake (until end of April when the close to home location will be the only one). So if I work close to home I can ride my bike (sad to say I am counting that as part of my daily exercises) or if I work up the hill close to the lake I take the car and go for a paddle in the evening. I also manage to go swimming still twice a week in the mornings. Since my new job doesn’t require me talking to Europe all the time I can start later and stay later which suits me just fine.
On top of working, sleeping and playing (can’t really call that training anymore) I am also organizing a training camp for our Canoe & Kayak Club next week – organizing boat, coaches, trailers etc, coming up with a schedule and handling all the registration. Never thought it would be so much work. My former coach Catherine, made it look so easy when she did it in 2005. I miss her!!! She is enjoying life in Sweden these days – another of those postdoc adventures which might turn out to be a permanent move maybe?

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