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May 15, 2010

FINALLY – A Week of Sunshine

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Finally the temperatures improved just in time for the Fort Langley Classics regatta on May 8th. It’s a 21.5km Marathon (used to be 19.5) with 3 portages (use to be only 1) on a side channel of the Fraser River. In past years the current was pretty strong which was a big challenge for my balance in a K1. This year though, with the mild winter we had, the flow is rather slow and the river is still low. So I decided for the first time in 5 years to take my tippy K1 for the race. Jeff and I had been out on Burnaby Lake doing 21km paddles on the weekends leading up to the race so I knew I can “comfortably” paddle the distance but I was still nervous about the current. At the end there was really only 1 spot were I was really worried – the up river turn where Bedwell Channel separates from the Fraser. The corner judge – who obviously didn’t know what he was doing – made us go around an additional buoy out there which completely screwed up my turn and got me into the main current of the Fraser. I sure thought I won’t make it back into the more protected channel and am destined to go down river all the way home – but I did manage. The portages were horrible as usual and I decided after the first to just leave my boat on the beach instead of carrying it – I am slow enough without the extra weight and awkward shape of a K1. In Addition it hurt my shoulder in the first portage and I figured I don’t need to aggravate it any further still having to race for another 10km or so. And since I was the only women in the race doing the whole course solo I figured I can bend the rules a bit. Even though I still finish way behind all the guys but at least I beat a couple marathon canoes. All in all I felt okay with the race – or better call it a paddle since I was on my own pretty much the whole time. With over 2hrs on the water, it took much longer though than previous years.

The same evening we had our annual BCKC pubnight to raise some funds for the club. It was a lot of fun – some old friends like Tim and Heide showed up and lent their support. But I was too tired to dance – sorry Tim!! I won a couple new paddling shirts at the silent auction though – size M and they look like they would fit just fine. But when I tried them on the next day it turned out they were designed for a VERY small-shoulder-but-WIDE-hip women – I am NOT build like that, rather the opposite. But hey, they stretch – paddling has never been a fashion show for me:-)

It stayed sunny all week and riding my bike to work everyday was a real pleasure – except on those windy days. Flat country along the river also means no protection from the wind. But wind is still better than hills!!!

The disadvantage with all this sunny and warm weather is that the weeds on Burnaby Lake just love it. Within a couple of days the Lake went from an okay training lake into impossible to paddle. Wednesday night at war canoe the lake was really nice still. Thursday night I already hit some pretty substantial milfoil patches with my paddle. On Friday evening I felt like I am pushing a bale of wet hay up and down the lake and today we went to Deer Lake instead. Deer Lake is only a short drive away from Burnaby Lake but it is quite a bit smaller and pretty much circular. So you always get cross wind and you have to doo a LOT of loops for a 14km paddle. But very little weeds. After the paddle we headed over to our friends Krista and Fred who just moved into a big house with an even bigger garden. We had BBQ in the garden – sitting outside in the sun. I think I want a big garden too – and someone to mow the grass of course :-). Krista and Fred are in the middle of renovating their new place turning the car port into a garage and tool shed. Fred loves tools! That finally motivated Jeff and I to finish up our garage again which had been as mess since the first flood in March. Almost back to normal now.



  1. yah for finishing the garage!! toilet seat next??

    if you run out of renos at your place, feel free to come over here. 😉 Today it took two people FOUR hours of non-stop hard labour to take down that rusty shed in the backyard.

    Comment by Krista — May 16, 2010 @ 8:35 PM

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