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May 29, 2010

Sechelt Retreat – May 23-24

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Jeff and I went on a short-notice trip to Sechelt this past weekend. My friend Jodi and her family own a cabin right on the inlet with boat access only. She emailed Saturday afternoon for us to come visit and bring our surfskis for a paddle in the inlet – one of the few places along the south coast Jeff and I have never been to when we still did a lot of kayak touring. Since all our other camping plans fell through for this long weekend, we thought why not. Make it a day trip to avoid the ferry lineups. Just in case we packed some basic camping gear in the event we find a spot to stay for a night and catch the early ferry back on Monday. We talked about taking the 7:20am ferry on Sunday morning but never made it out of bed until 7AM. Oh well, the 9:20AM still gets us to Sechelt with plenty of time for a long paddle. The weather was miserable in the morning – just as predicted. Nevertheless, I was sooo looking forward to get out of the house for a while that I ignored Jeff’s grumblings and dragging his feet packing. We JUST made the ferry with 10min to

Jodi powering down the inlet

Jeff and I on one of the beaches

spare. Luckily it wasn’t busy on a Sunday morning. We met Jodi at the marina near Sechelt with her surfski. Her husband Brad and daughter Krista had dropped her of with their motor boat and offered to take some stuff back with them – just some clothes to change into while on shore. We headed out for a nice, relaxed paddle up and down the inlet. It felt great to be in a boat again and NOT have to push for speed. I was looking out for critters along the shore but didn’t see any. The weather slightly improved while we were paddling north down the inlet, meaning the rain eased up but with it the wind came up as well. We were already cruising around for about 2hrs checking out potential camp spots for future kayak touring trips when we decided we were now hungry enough to paddle to the cabin for lunch. Unfortunately that meant paddling into the wind. We did about 21km’s in just under 2.5hrs – a leisure pace

The cabin

Snale sunning on the point

Jodi and Jeff on THE DOCK – sunny during the day with fire place for the night

Brad & Krista in the motor boat


And I haven’t mentioned their fox terrier Woody yet – he is just the friendliest dog. When it was time to go to bed – the kids slept upstairs, the parents downstairs and Jeff and I in the living room in between, Woody kept us company. Actually when I came back to my sleeping after brushing my teeth I found him curled up in the middle of my sleeping bag. I had to slide him over to the side to get enough room for myself. That didn’t bother him – he was happily curled up between Jeff and I for most of the night.

The next morning started out with a mix of sun and clouds. We dragged out breakfast long enough for the wind to kick up again – well be better delay our paddle home a bit and wait for it to calm down. Instead, we went with Brad and Krista to once more check the prawn traps. They dropped them the night before on the other side of the inlet. Jeff and I were riding in front of the boat – it was quite choppy out in mid channel. Brad managed to avoid most of the wave but finally one got us at last. I got a wee bit wet – but hey it was soooo much fun. No prawns though – likely the bait was too old. Back at the cabin we decided to go for a walk – better call it bushwalk – around the bay. We didn’t run into a bear – as I was silently hoping but I am sure Jodi wasn’t – but saw more snakes. They are excellent swimmers. The sun was now out in full force and it would have been quite war if not for the wind blowing right into the bay. That wind also caused decent waves that crashed on the beach – the waves got big enough that the anchor rope with the big motorboat on it broke. Luckily the boat was drifting onto the beach and not away from it. By now it was early afternoon and in theory a good time to head home. But nobody really wanted to leave – we told ourselves that the ferries will be busy anyhow so why not just go later. And maybe the wind would calm down for our paddle. Well it never did. When we packed up around 3pm the waves were still crashing on the beach. We had to walk our boats out a bit to climb into them. It was hard work paddling back against the wind but none of us tipped. Brad, Krista, Kendra and Kyle packed up the motorboat with all the gear and followed us to the marina. We all got there pretty much at the same time. Quickly loaded up the cars and drove to the ferry terminal.  The line up was long – we might catch the 8:20pm or maybe it will be the 10:20pm – that’s at least a 4 if not 6 hours wait. Oh well, we were still in good company and we set up camp behind Jodi’s SUV eating pizza and finishing off the red wine from the night before. A 4hrs ferry wait never felt this short. And luckily we all made it onto the 8:20pm ferry – although Jodi, Brad, the kids and Woody were in the 2nd last car on.

Group shot – Kendra, I, Jodi, Kyle & Krista

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  1. That looks AWESOME! What a great weekend… I´m so envious!

    Comment by Catherine — June 1, 2010 @ 1:01 AM

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