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June 6, 2010

Round Bowen Race – June 6, 2010

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Rain and cold was in the forecast for the Bowen Race this year but just before the race started the sun came out a bit and you could see all the paddlers taking of layers of clothing. Jeff and I were racing double as we had been the past 2 years – it’s a long race, 32km around Bowen Island in Howe Sound. Opposite from previous years we hadn’t really trained for it though – okay we paddle lots but rarely over 2 hrs – which meant we were just as prepared as anyone else out there racing. A whole bunch of double surfskis showed up this year and many of them potentially able to win the race. Although Jeff and I were considered the favourites. There were Ben & John in their superfast S2X, three boats from the US, Larry & Sean, Larry & Mark and Morris &  Debbie. Together with a few singles – I only remember seeing Gareth (Island), Jan (Island) and DJ (US) but there could have been others drafting behind the bigger doubles – these boats made up the front group. And we pretty much stayed together the whole way. It was a flat, calm day with not too much current either. Nothing to take advantage of for us or anyone else. Ben & John, Larry & Sean and Jeff and I were leading for the most part – pulling the other boats behind us. The pace wasn’t that high – nobody really wanted to push it. Jeff and I tried a few times to break away but – as in bike racing – the larger group always pulls you back in. If we had one more double to go with us so we can trade of the lead but keep up the higher pace we might have had a chance. But no, at the end it came to a sprint. After over 2.5hrs of paddling. And as luck had it, a motorboat put up a big wash just when the sprint started. Jeff and I tried really hard but Gareth in his single got a wave we didn’t. So he pulled a couple of boat length ahead and we just couldn’t bridge the gab in the remaining 500m. DARN – I soooo wanted to win this race overall. The past two years there were always some very fast mens crews we didn’t have a chance to beat. But hey, at least we came in first double and second overall after Gareth.  We’ll try again next year. My friend Jodi and Bob from Deep Cove came in third Mixed Double Surfski – well done!!! 

The winners of first double and first single - Me, Jeff & Gareth



  1. 2nd in a 32km race is nothing to complain about!!! Congratulations!

    Comment by Krista — June 6, 2010 @ 10:19 PM

  2. Congratulations! motorboat wash is hard to catch in a long double… but never stops us from trying!

    Comment by Catherine — June 8, 2010 @ 12:08 AM

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