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July 10, 2010

Two Fishing Trips in June

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Our destination for the first trip, June 11-13, was Gypsum Lake, north-west of Merritt at an elevation of 4760 feet (1450 m). I took Friday off since we didn’t want to risk driving in at night not having been there in many years and logging roads changing all the time. Usually the area is pretty warm in the late spring – not so this year we arrived at 10C and rain on Friday morning.

Rain or shine – Fishing muss sein – Jeff goes out as soon as we hit the lake.

Gypsum Lake – when the sun is out

FISH on!!

But of course that didn’t keep Jeff from going out in his boat. Luckily it cleared up shortly after and the sun came out to warm us up. Fishing was decent – better than last year on Blue Lake. But the trees around the lake are ALL brown. Mountain Pine Beetle has gotten a hold of the area. Even on the drive in , we mostly drove through clear cuts. The area around the campsite had been cleared off as well. Al lot of dead fall around the lake and as I said – even the once still upright are dead. Sooo sad – this used to be a beautiful spot, not only a beautiful lake to fish but also a nice, easy hike up Gypsum Mountain.

I did the hike the next day but it was tough having to climb over dead fall the whole time. It’s only a few km and 160m elevation but it took me a good 3hrs because of the trail being covered in fallen trees. My chins got severely banged up!!!

The “trail” up to Gypsum Mountain

Overlooking the beatle devasted forest from the “top” of Gypsum Mountain

Hard at work

The sky is on fire – sunset

The award for my labours – a campfire to keep us warm after dark

Day 2 the fishing wasn’t as good as day one since it was windier. But we watched the most amazing sun set after dinner. Days are nice and long so that you can fish till 7 or 8pm and still get dinner in before the sun sets. But we were glad to have a campfire going because the temperatures plummet with the sinking sun. I seriously enjoyed the quiet evenings around the fire – only a couple of birds and bats to keep us company – we had the camp site to ourselves at night. During the day we had to share the lake with quite a few visitors – either fishermen like us or ATV’s.

Spawners in the shallows

Look out – deer

Wildlife was spare too – we saw a bear on the drive in but he galloped into the bushed pretty quick. Few deer around and lots of different birds. I did a LOT of walking and was a bit disappointed to not run into anything but mosquitos and a rabbit. But here comes the worst of it – while I was walking around in the morning to look for moose, deer and bear without success, Jeff already headed out onto the lake to fish. And he saw – in my fishing spot – two moose enter the lake and swim across. Rats!!!!

Sunday fishing was a write off – too windy although it was sunny and we headed home a bit early. All in all a nice weekend!!! For more pictures go here: http://GypsymLakeJune11132010

Beautiful Island Lake – with clear cut in the back, sigh!

The fish that didn’t want it’s picture taken!

Our second trip, Jun 19-20 brought us back to Island Lake, one of the Trophy Lakes in the Merritt area (also to the north-east). The way you get there isn’t that pretty since you have to drive through the Highland Valley Copper Mine – pretty destructive those open-pit mines. The good thing though – no hunting on Mine property. We saw a moose on the drive in (late on Friday night) and plenty of wild horses on the way out. No bear.

Fishing was okay for me on day one and pretty good for Jeff. He always had more patience than I and spends 10hrs or so fishing. He got into lots of fish and decent size too. I have never seen that many boats on the lake as this time – must have been 15 or so.

The creek I hiked along – can you imagine the deer standing in it?

Free range cattle

Wild Horses on mine property on the drive out.

I usually spend the mornings walking around to look for wildlife. Wasn’t much to see, most of the area I walked through was either infested with mosquitos and I had to keep moving or was logged. Amidst the logged area though was a small creek still surrounded by tree. Cows has formed a small trail along parts of it which I could follow and feel like I am hiking through the woods again. Scared a deer in the creek but no moose. Lots of cows around which looked at me with their big eyes. Tiny frogs, squirrels and chipmunks were the most frequent animals although I saw lots of moose/horse/deer droppings and tracks. They are around here somewhere probably looking at me but I can’t see them :-). On my day 2 hike around the lake I even saw bear droppings which weren’t more than a couple of days old. But no bear.

Fishing on day 2 was a total write off for me. Jeff wasn’t doing that much better but at least he got into a few fish, one of tem in the 3lb range.

The mid day hail storm

Weatherwise it was a mixed bag. Sun in the morning, heavy hail or rain mid day and then sunny again for the late afternoon/evening. We shared the campfire with a couple of guys from Bellingham. They have been fishing for many years. This weekend they had more luck with mayflies which started hatching right after the rain – I wish I had some of those on day 2!!!!

All in all another good trip and both Jeff and I are ready for more.  For more pictures go here: http://IslandLake1820June2010

Fishing, camping, wildlife, nature are the thing I came to Canada for – okay the fishing I didn’t know about until I did get here 13 years ago!!! I also want to do some kayak touring this year again – maybe in September. There is still one big regatta we are kinda training for, CanMas, in Regina, SK at the end of August. Fishing, hiking and kayak touring gets me around in BC, sprint kayaking gets me around Canada (Halifax, Regina, Ottawa, Montreal etc.).


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  1. Great pictures – and I see you guys are hard core at everything you do. That picture of Jeff fishing in the pouring rain is a keeper!

    Comment by Krista — July 11, 2010 @ 8:04 PM

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