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July 10, 2010

War Canoe Race gone crazy – June 22, 2010

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Sometimes I have really crazy ideas. One of those was taking the war canoe to a Tuesday night race out in Deep Cove. Usually Jeff and I are racing our surfskis. We have tried stable K1’s before and it was always horrible because of the waves. A war canoe is a big boat but it is made for FLATWATER racing and taking it out on the ocean does seem a crzay idea. At least we picked a night where the course stayed along the shore and it was only 2x2km relay. The race was called “the lesser kayak swap”  – usually two people share one boat – one person start out running through Deep Cove to Strathcona Park while the other person kayaks to the same park and the switch. Since a war canoe fits 14 paddlers + the cox we decided to only swap the steers person out. So Jeff and Jim were our runners/cox.

Most of the people in the boat were from our BCKC masters pogram but we also recruited our HP athletes to add some power. Some of the masters were pretty new to the sport, others like my friend Krista old veterans (even if she hasn’t paddled in a couple years!!!). And lucky for us it was a really calm and sunny, although not warm evening. We had a good start – Jeff was the starter cox – and we nearly kept up with the fast surf skis. But once we left the bay we got hit by a couple motorboat waves and the canoe tilted dangerously to the side – for a second I thought this race might be over pretty quickly but we managed to recover, regroup and keep racing. And although we got hit by a few more cross waves we stayed up. Jim, our runner got to the turning point in 2nd place – well done. Off we went to “sprint” home. We almost ran over Rene in his surfski cutting in right in front of us – this big canoe doesn’t steer that well. We had to put on the brakes to let him get ahead. Didn’t matter, we caught him again before the finish line laying down a great finishing sprint. Up to 10m before the line some dumb a.. motorboat had to cut in front of us again. Another big brake but we glided over the line in first. The guys at Deep Cove always tape the races and Bob put the video up on U-Tube for us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc6iJ1fy3rk

For results and more pictures go here: http://www.deepcovekayak.com/rental-and-lessons/racing/tnr-current-results/?racedate=june22&raceyear=2010&thetitle=June%2022,%202010%20Results&showpic=june222010

And more pictures again can be found here: http://micbiz.smugmug.com/Competitions/War-Canoe-at-Deep-Cove/12687354_ej4W2#912761438_gzo6L


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  1. Awesome! Sorry I missed that. I love the music they put on the video!

    Comment by Catherine — July 12, 2010 @ 12:23 AM

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