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July 18, 2010

July Long Weekend Getaway – Peterhope Lake – July 1-4, 2010

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Jeff and I usually avoid going away on long weekends since 90% of all Vancouverites seem to do it and therefore Hwy #1 is usually a mess. And it was slow going when we left the Thursday morning. I took the Friday off again from work so that we could make it into a really long weekend of fishing and camping. Our destination was Peterhope Lake, one of Jeff’ favourite lakes. Not easy to fish but if you hook into one it’s guaranteed fun. The only worry we had was if we can get a good camp spot. There is a forestry site on the lake but that one is usually cramped with huge motorhomes running their generators all day and night – not so fun if you are in a small tent.

Little Pete – and our campsite across the Lake. Can you see it?

Camping in Style – hunters use this spot in the fall and have created some tables and benches

Jeff is doing the work for once 🙂

Our usual spot is actual at the far end of Peterhope Lake, smaller and not as accessible for large motorhomes but far from a secret and large enough for bigger groups to drive in. But man did we get lucky – the spot was empty and we had it all to ourselves ALL weekend long. Camping in style.

Given that it was July 1 I was prepared for some sun and hot weather. Well not so much. Okay we had one day where is was sunny most of the day and it got quite warm but I think we barely scratched the 20C mark. It only felt warm because the rest of the time it hardly got above 12C (or at least that’s what it felt like not having a thermometer handy). I actually pulled out my toque on day (as the always prepared camper I had it in my bag) and was short of putting gloves on!!!! At least it stayed dry for the most part – except for the last day.

Fish on

Nice strong rainbow trout!

My pride and joy and only one all weekend 🙂

Fishing in the rain – Jeff was the ONLY one out on the lake. But it paid off.

Enough complaining about the cold. It was a great trip. I spend most of my time walking rather than fishing but Jeff was out there every day hauling in few but good size fish. His best fish (almost) ever he caught on the last day in the rain. I was walking around the lake at that time and we had our walkie-talkies with us so I got to hear the story but unfortunately never saw the fish. But apparently the fish was going for Jeff’s float (a bright yellow/orange styrofoam piece which really should not attract any fish) and somehow ended up swallowing the hook at the same time or shortly after or shortly before. We’ll never learn the truth since fish don’t talk. But it sounded like a great fight to bring the monster in (23inch; 4-4.5lb) – it must have taken at least 15-20min because I was hurrying around almost half the lake to take a picture and just missed it.

I did catch my one fish as well – a nice one for me so I was happy enough. It tried to escape into the weeds but I was patient enough to not lose it. Jeff caught one just before me – and of course his was bigger!!

Open meadows around the lake – full of lupine

More hidden treasures: Tiger Lily, Red Columbine, ?, Dasiy or Aster

More treasures: Spring Beauty, ?, Yellow Salsify, Paintbrush

Wild strawberries – or Smultrons in Swedish as I learned from a friends blog.

Rain can be beautiful

I didn’t come home empty on animal pictures though. The highlights for this trip was the eagle nest (2 chicks and 2 adults), a snake and a “stump”-ing marmot. Starting with the eagles, the nest was quite high up in the trees so the pictures aren’t that great since you could not get a good view-point. I scared one of the adults one day bushwhacking (just after I scared the deer – no picture). The eagle was sitting right above me in the tree screeching on top of it’s “lungs” – eagles are definitely not sing birds. The snake I almost stepped on while exploring the new trail I found right along the west side of the lake. It disappeared pretty quickly into the bush. I had never seen a snake in these hills before so I was really excited. The marmot should have been less of a suprise – nevertheless the way it disappeared and reappeared on me was. I saw a couple of them sitting on an old stump right along the water pretty close to the trail. So really no way for the to disappear – but they did. While I was still trying to figure out where the hell they went, I heard some nice behind me in the bush. And there one of them was walking out of the bush right next to me. When it saw me it hopped onto another old rotten and stump and – well disappeared into it. Pretty cool – these marmots build their burrows from stump to stump as exit places. I waited around a bit more to see if they would show again but they didn’t.

Eagles Nest with 2 Chicks

Screeching parent

Small Garden Snake


Entrance to marmot borrows

That’s it for the long weekend trip. The drive home was also slow even though we left late – guess the secret is out that most people seem to travel mid day to be home for dinner. Oh well, we just kept talking about the great trip we had to kill the time and enjoyed the sunset.



  1. That is one miniscule tent!! I’m pretty sure that most of Fred’s legs would stick out the end if he tried to sleep in it!

    Comment by Krista — July 18, 2010 @ 6:48 PM

  2. We do have a longer one as well 🙂

    Comment by K2 in Canada — July 18, 2010 @ 10:21 PM

  3. Rainbow trout and smultron sounds like a great meal!

    Comment by Catherine — July 28, 2010 @ 3:04 AM

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