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July 18, 2010

The PERFECT summer has arrived

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Jeff steering the canoe masterfully up the narrow creek

King Fisher

 After a soft winter and the most crappy spring I can remember (I am sure we set a record for June for the least hours of sunshine EVER) summer is finally here. It was kicked of by a day or two of near 30C which is too hot but has been settled in for a week now in the low 20th with mostly sunny skies all day and nights cool enough to be able to sleep comfortably upstairs. Just PERFECT. Jeff and I went for a quick canoe trip down Still Creek which flows into Burnaby Lake (after the morning workout). It was a nice and relaxed 1.5hr paddle. 

Even training mid day is doable. Well yeah I started training daily again after I decided last weekend to race the Masters race at Nationals again this year. Why do I waste my few vacation days on punishment again – good question!

The Dredge on Burnaby Lake

CanMas – the regatta specifically design for us oldies – has been on the plan all along and adding a couple more days just seems to make the trip more worthwhile. Less than 8 weeks to go.  And compared to other years we almost have good water to paddle. They finally started to dredge the lake in May and are making good progress. There is enough open/usable water to train rather than the weedy swamp we usually get at this time of the year. Only drawback is all the boat traffic but for the most part they slow right down for us. 

Below are a couple of pictures of our Monday training group (taken a few weeks ago in early June) when coach Steve gets to chase us up and down Burnaby Lake – he still needs to learn though that he can’t make wakes with his motorboat when MASTERs are on the lake 🙂  

Working Hard - Vicki

Don't Slouch - Brian

Wonna be Champ - Katja

Good Form - Diana

Who can tilt the boat the most without falling in - Jeff

Looking the same all those years - Dan

The group paddling in into the sunset


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