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September 10, 2010

BCKC Team came 3rd at CanMas

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Sorry it took so long to post but work and other stuff kept me busy. But finally here comes the Canmas report:

What a memorable DAY – August 29th, 2010!!!! It sure was worth all the time I put into it to organize it. We had a strong team with 20 paddlers competing for Burnaby – the 5th largest team at the Regatta. And we looked the best too in our new bright green BCKC jerseys!! Only thing that wasn’t cooperating was the weather. After 4 days of warm to hot sunny days we woke up to a grey sky, drizzle and less than 10C temperatures. The drizzle turned into rain by the time the 7am scratch meeting ended and the wind was blowing steadily but as a tailwind. But at the end the wind and rain and cold didn’t affect us too much and everyone had a great day – okay in between races most of us were sitting under the BC tent wrapped in whatever we could find from blankets to towels to boat socks, shivering heavily and dreading to get back into the now wet but still bright green jersey. But the racing was awesome (and the rain stopped after lunch).

Team Picture – Top left to right: Kit, Dari, Steve, Keith, Scott, Dave, Hugh, Dan, Kurt, Grant, Jeff, Ali, Jim; Kneeling left to right: MJ, Marlene, Vicki, Jodi, Diana, Me; Insert left to right: Neville, Trista, Brian

Trying to stay warm – Jodi, Diane, Scott

My first race of the day was the K2 with Jodi B. who just started flat water this summer but is a strong paddler and logs lots of time in a surfski. And we did have an awesome race winning our heat by a hair against a team from Pointe Claire (turns out the Silver medalist of my Nationals K1 race was part of the Pointe Claire K2 – PAYBACK!!!). We had to wait for the other heat to finish and them posting the results (timed heats are no fun) but at the end we came out on top with Point Claire second. Both Jodi and I had to jump from our K2 into the mixed K4 with our ex Junior National team stars Dari F. and Steve J. We crushed the competition and weren’t even going all out. The boat felt great and it a pleasure to paddle behind his stroke – very technical, slow and powerful (at least for 200m after which he tires due to lack of training for many years so he says).

Mixed K4: Steve, I, Dari, Jodi

The day started of great with 2 gold medals. Jodi completed the hattrick by finishing 1st in the Novice Women K1 race. Next up for me was C4 with Jeff R., Dan B. and Diana H. (this was Diana’s first time EVER in a C4 but she has done lots of war canoe over the summer). None of us are really canoers and our goal was mainly to finish – but hey we did beat one team!!!! The last race before lunch was our Women K4 with Trista B., Diana H. , Jodi B. and I. We had a bit of steering challenges but still finished 4th. Trista is also new to flat water so it was a really good result for us. After lunch was the K2 with Jeff – the one race we have been trying to win ever since we started flatwater. The competition was really strong and there were 2 full heats. Jeff and I finished second in our heat having a really good race but came in 4th overall. Still I was happy with how the race went. Next up was Men’s war canoe!!!! Some of us have paddled War Canoe for a while now but at least half of the team was relatively new to it. The boat was pretty rocky going out to the start line and I didn’t expect much – but hey there were only 3 boats in the race and all we need to do was finish in our lane to get point!!!

Men’s War Canoe Race

We rocketed off the start and the boat ran like clockwork – no rocking side to side, little front to back bounce and I could really reach and pull like mad. And to our surprise we finished 2nd not too far behind Burloak (who train 2 times a week and have 60 masters to choose from while we train maybe once a week in the summer hoping we get at least 8 of the 14 people out we need – although I have to say that the last two weeks before Canmas our participation sky rocketed since people did come out to try). After this awesome performance I had a big break with lots of time for my muscles to tighten up (remember it was freezing cold). So by the time I hopped into the K1 (Super Lancer again) I really felt like paddling in mud. My race had all the top finishers from Nationals in it as well – deja vu. But I was in no shape to try as hard again as I did the day before (my lungs were actually still hurting after each race) and saved myself up for the last race of the day which was right after my K1 race – mixed War Canoe. Originally we had problems to get the 6 women we needed to race mixed but managed to recruit Marlene H. and MJ A. who stayed for an extra day JUST for this one race. – thanks soo much  (both of them have been out last night for our last War Canoe paddle of the season – I am sure we’ll see them back as regulars next season). We had again a solid race even though is was a bit more rocky. Out of 4 boats in the race we came in last but the lead boat left their lane and got disqualified. I felt like we deserved to get a medal for this race as well!!!

Here is a link to many more awesome pictures our one and only fan Diane F. took: http://picasaweb.google.com/105357251043739032588/CanMas2010?authkey=Gv1sRgCJOPiqv-zfyFGw&feat=email

And the are the few I took plus a couple from Jodi: http:/CanmasReginaAug29th2010

Full results can be found here: http://canoekayak.ca/content/sprint_domestic_canmas

That concluded the racing of the day. We went to the Canmas dinner afterwards as a team (17 of us) and had a good time eating and drinking and talking about how great we did and how much everyone enjoyed it despite the weather until they finally announced the Burgee points starting from the bottom. I started to hold my breath once they got to 6th spot (we came in 6th overall 4 years ago in Regina). When they finally got to 4th and still didn’t call Burnaby I almost suffocated – so good thing we came in 3rd!!! We let the whole room know how proud we were of our achievement – a lot of people put a lot of time into their training – and cheered on top of our lungs (which made mine hurts again). When they announced Rideau as second I realized we were only 34 point away from second!!!! The team missed a few races during the day and we had to scratch at least 3 since one person had to stay home to work and I figured if that would not have been the case we might have, could have, should have…… But that’s for some other year to look forward to. Burloak came in first – they featured the biggest team this time around with 41 paddlers – so twice as many as us. therefore their points were about twice as many as ours – so not even close. But I am sure we managed to impress some of the eastern clubs who usually don’t even know we actually do flatwater out west: “Burnaby? Where the heck is that?”

After the Burgee announcement most other clubs left but Burnaby hung around till the very end when they literally kicked us out by 11PM. Since the night was still young we secured some more beers and continued on celebrating in smaller groups back at the residences – I am sure that wasn’t allowed but we didn’t give a damn!!!!! Getting up at 6am to catch our 8am flight was a pit of a pain mind you 🙂



  1. Well done Burnaby!!! Congrats to everyone, and particularly to you Katja. I’m quite sure this never would have happened without your unending enthusiasm, motivation and organization.

    Comment by Krista — September 12, 2010 @ 10:51 AM

  2. FANTASTIC! Great job, high fives to all! Sounds like a great wrap up to the season, and a great acknowledgement of all your ahrd work this year!

    Comment by Catherine — September 13, 2010 @ 12:54 AM

  3. PS sounds like you must have won “points per capita”… quality over quantity!

    Comment by Catherine — September 13, 2010 @ 12:55 AM

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