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October 30, 2010

Running Buddy

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Jeff and I started our usual Saturday morning Run & Paddle winter training sessions some time ago now. Two weeks ago  my friend Krista happened to show up. She used to not run at all then started to run a lot when she was on maternity leave with her 2nd child with the goal of breaking an hour running around Burnaby Lake. I have had that goal for MANY years but haven’t even tried for almost as many. She got really close to the hour but then got injured and even worse had to go back to work. So running dropped of her radar screen for a while. So we ran together that day. She actually made me run faster than a I usually do and then turned around after 2km while I still had 1.5 further to go till my halfway point. I significantly slowed down on the 2nd half :-). We missed each other last week (apparently the kids weren’t cooperating) and I ran by myself again – slower overall. Today Krista was waiting for us and I had my running buddy back. But it was way more painful today trying to keep up with her. She ran a bit further than 2 weeks ago but still said she couldn’t go the full distance. I am sure next week she’ll do the distance and the week after I won’t be able to keep up any longer. But I will try!!!

Today I read her blog from last week where she claims I was slowing down for her two weeks ago. I think today’s run fixed that misconception :-).


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