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November 14, 2010

More Fishing Adventures

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Two more weekends – two more fishing trips exploring a few more rivers in the area.

Nov 7 had Jeff and I drive up the valley again but instead of staying at the Harrison we followed the salmon up river to the Chehalis River. A nice piece of water but the tracking through the bush down river was anything but a pleasurable hike. Water levels change a lot on the Chehalis and the area is loaded with dry creek beds which in turn and stacked several meters high with drift wood.  Trying to climb over moss-covered and therefore slippery dead wood with your fishing rod in one hand wasn’t easy. on top of that I had a bad cold and my head and nose were plugged up – amazing how much that affects your balance so good thing I wasn’t paddling that day. The weather started out nice and sunny but we did get poured on in the afternoon. Worried the water levels will rise we made our way back through the maze of channels earlier than usual. Here a few scenic shots:

Moss-covered trees – Pacific West Coast Temperate Rain Forest

Chehalis River

Fish on for Jeff

Navigating our way up river

Nov 12 – I took the day off – we decided to drive up north instead to explore the Cheakamus River near Squamish. This river is known for the gazillion bald eagles which show up every Nov/Dec to feast on dead salmon. It was still a bit too early for the eagles but the river is a real pretty piece of water flowing through Paradise Valley. Only drawback, a lot of the area is private property and it can get frustrating to get access to the water. But we ended up finding a couple great spots well up river of the hatchery. And FINALLY I got into a fish – not a salmon mind you but the most beautiful trout or possibly young steelhead I have ever hooked into. Unfortunately the fish got away before Jeff could take a picture.  We saw a few more fish moving but this river doesn’t get the same amount of fish as the Harrison or Chehalis – especially up-river of the hatchery but it was such a pretty spot to fish that not catching much didn’t matter. Even the cold and mist didn’t deter us – only the early diminishing daylight finally drove us back to the truck. Here the walking along the river was significantly easier than on the Chehalis and I spend time exploring as well. Saw 3 eagles fly over the river but no dead fish along the shore yet for them to feast on. We’ll definitely be back (actually Jeff was back today while I had K1 practice). Again a few scenic shots:

Beautiful Cheakamus River

Mist shrouded hills

Walking along the river banks - mix of coniferous and deciduous forest

Jeff on his knees - doesn't want to spook the fish

It paid off - spring jack, not as pretty as my fish though

Bald Eagle patroling the river


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