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November 21, 2010

First Snow – Nov 20

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View out of the bedroom

Some leaves are still on the trees

We woke up to almost 10cm of snow this morning – so much about going for our usual run and paddle on Saturdays. Instead of cursing the snow while running/paddling we decided to drive up to Cypress Bowl and play in the snow by going snowshoeing. Thy should have lots more snow up at 900m elevation. Although my friend Krista sounded VERY disappointed that we didn’t do the run 🙂

It was sunny when we left home but when driving up the mountain we got into thick clouds. Visibility was down to a couple of meters. But just before the top we popped out of the clouds and – voila – everything was covered in thick white fluff. To our surprise there weren’t many skiers/snowboarders up yet even though this was the 1st weekend for the ski runs to open. So we actually got to park right at the lodge – usually we have to park a 20min walk down the road. A good start. We managed to find the start of the hike without too much trouble and – yeah – no footprints on it yet. Breaking the trail is a bit more effort and I was sweating heavily after a couple of 100meters. But it is well worth the effort. We caught up with another set of snowshoe track a bit higher up – they must have taken the ski runs up instead of the nicer trail in the forest – and followed those through the flatter part of the hike. We passed a couple of guys with their dog but those where the only souls we saw on the trail. Once we came to start the first climb we had to break trail again. No footrpints except for rabbit prints. This time Jeff was leading since I am awfully slow going up.  And we made it up all the way to St Marks at 1355m (~450m above Cypress Bowl) in under 2hrs. The view from up top St Marks are stunning overlooking Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains in the North/East. And we could see the lower clouds rising up towards us – very spectacular. We only stuck around for a few minutes since both of us had sweated enough on the way up that sitting still gets cold very quickly. The way down was much quicker even though it was a bit treacherous. The snow is only 1/2 a meter or so thick this early in the season which is enough to hide a lot of the rocks and tree stumps but not enough to not break through and trip over them. A great day out in the BC “wilderness” a 40min drive from home.

Snow capped trees and blue sky

wind swept

Looking north

Looking west

Jeff and I on St Marks

Clouds are rsing up from below blocking the sun


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  1. Awesome pictures! Wow, I can’t wait to go snowshoeing again 🙂

    Comment by catherine — November 21, 2010 @ 12:32 PM

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