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January 9, 2011

Callaghan – Jan 8

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The stadium

Olympic Winter Games Nordic Centre reminders

Montain View from the parking lot

What a nice place to cross-country ski – especially when the sun is shining out of a mostly blue sky (after a whole week of pouring rain at home) and the temperatures just below zero. The people who know what they are doing said the conditions were a bit icy – I can use that excuse. I felt horrible on the skis I borrow from Bob – the crown or fishscale or waxless skis – felt like I had no grip at all when I first put them on. I knew they would be too stiff – or was very good at believing they were too stiff. But John had us do some exercises first on the training grounds before we headed to the easy trails. Skiing (Classic style) without poles is hard and although the terrain was nearly flat I was slipping and sliding all over the place. But after some time it got a little bit better and when we were allowed our poles back it all sudden felt easy.

Jeff & John getting ready

On the trail - novice Katja


Almost expert-looking Jeff

The trail we took was nice but far from flat – going was slow as I am slow up and down the hill and Jeff being sick like a dog with a bad cold had trouble breathing on the uphills. Nevertheless I had fun but poor John was booming back and forth on the trail trying to keep an eye on us. I only had 3 crashes this time and all three I landed on my bum instead of face – so there is an improvement. But my technique still s…. Jeff on the other hand looks like a pro.

Jeff was done after one lap and hung out at the lodge while John did another big loop and I did a small loop trying out the waxed skis from Daryl. I didn’t really feel much of a difference. the waxed skis had a similar grip I thought but it seem to get worse with time (or I got more and more tired). They may glide a bit better but again I might have gotten more bold as I now knew the terrain. Need to try again. We met flatwater kayaker Dan and his wife Angela on the trails and some of our surfski friends (Bob and his kids, Mike and Cam, Seb and Nic…) were actually racing in the stadium – skating style sprints. Its funny that 2hrs away from Vancouver you still run into the same people 🙂

Tired but still smiling

On the way home we stopped at a pub in Squamish – The Treehouse – very nice. But before we had our well-deserved beer we checked out the Nordic store right next door. Jeff spent over an hour deciding on his boots – he ended up with the most expensive pair in the store, made for RACING. Oh darn.


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