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January 23, 2011

More Cross-Country Skiing

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Jeff at the top of "Lower Powerlines"

Last week Thursday Jeff and I tried the night skiing at Cypress for the first time. You know how familiar things change when the sun is gone below the horizon and I was a bit nervous. But the lighting system along the trails at Cypress is pretty good – especially in my favourite crash places. The weather was soso. It had snowed that day in Vancouver but was starting to warm up again. The track was really soft and a cold mist was in the air. Overall the skiing was good and I had no more than the usual wipe-outs but my skis kept popping out of the groomed track over and over again. A bit frustrating. When we got home we were both dead tired – even the next day I was no good for anything and barely managed to ride my bike back home from work.

John, Jeff, Angela & Dan at Callaghan

On Saturday we drove out to Callaghan once more – Jeff has it in his head that we are going to do the loppet there in late February and we wanted to check out part of the course. We had lots of company this time with John, Dan and Angela. As the boys wanted to try some of the black trails, which I don’t feel up to yet, Angela and I teamed up. The weather started out cloudy but soon enough the sun came out and made it into a wonderful day of  skiing. Even though we went on a couple of blue trails and had to climb up some long hilly sections overall the area is much tamer than Cypress – not too many trails crossing each other, more visibility on the downhills and wonderfully groomed trails where you can ski all day without back-tracking once. Angela and I were skiing for 2.5hrs and I didn’t crash once even though my body felt the workout very much. Angela is a great skiing buddy and motivator even though she said her fitness level isn’t made for this. The combo of no-skill me and recreational-skier Angela worked well.

Me at a high point along the "Madley Rd" trail

Angela making her way up a long hill on the "Norwegian Woods" trail

Angela had to pull out her sun glasses for one last detour along the "Inside Passage"

Packing up the truck again - tired and looking forward to a beer and burger

The boys were already up at the lodge when we got back. Apparently they were pushing each other like mad – uphill and downhill. Poor Dan was used to ski with Angela and had his work cut out for himself teaming up with ultra-long-distance-go-forever John and I-will-not-be-left-behind-no-matter-what Jeff. John actually went for a second little loop while the rest of us hung out at the lodge not moving off our chairs.

I stayed in bed for nearly 10 hrs. Today will only be a leisurely paddle in our K1’s on Deer Lake – everything feels a bit – how can I put it – tired.


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  1. Man, you guys are hard core. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but didn’t you just start cross country skiing three weeks ago? And now you are doing what – 15 hours a week of it?!

    Comment by Krista — January 23, 2011 @ 10:14 PM

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