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January 27, 2011

Licking my wounds

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I crashed my bike on Monday night coming home from a long day at work – and that after I just had it fixed up for a couple hundred dollars. I was down to one out of 21 gears and the brakes were failing. Luckily NOTHING happened to the bike. I wasn’t quite as lucky – blue hand, blue/bloody knee and blue elbow. Oh well it could have been worse. Spending one night with ice on my knee and I was biking again the next day (not the smartest thing to do but oh well).

So what happened? It was the fault of the heavy rain all day. Ever looked at the puddles in the middle of the road (I am not talking dirt road here) and wondered how deep they may be? Me neither. Unfortunately one of those innocent looking puddles turned out to be a meter and a half wide and about 30cm deep – I am NOT exaggerating, I saw it the next morning when it was dried up a bit – almost a sinkhole. Mind you I did hit it with the car the other day and I thought I ruined the tire and rim by the noise it made. Back to the bike – while the car made it out of that hole fine, the bike didn’t. Unfortunately I was carrying just enough speed to continue on without the bike and crashing hard onto the tarmac. And it hurt like hell. While I was lying in the middle of the road trying to see if anything is broken a white van came up the road, pulled around me and drove off in the distance. That kind of made me mad enough to forget the pain, pick up my bike and bike home. But I was in tears all the way.  I took a whole day off of exercising (except I rode my bike into work – stupid, stubborn….) !! Hopefully I am recovered enough to go skiing Saturday.

By the way, Jeff emailed the City of Vancouver the same night – three people got back to him the following day and the whole was repaired by 6pm on Tuesday night!! I was impressed even though I wish someone else would have called in the hole (like someone driving a black golf through it thinking it almost totaled the car).


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