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February 27, 2011

Bruised Ego

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Well, I did survive my second loppet in two weeks. This one was a bit shorter but also much hillier. But at least I knew the course for most of it as we skied in the P’ayakentsut Loppet in Callaghan. Two exception: 1) The black trail was done backwards to the usual direction. Which meant instead of a short steep climb and relative gentle downhill at the end it was a very LONG climb and a very STEEP decent – neither of which are my forte. 2) I never did the biathlon part before. This part was at the end of the loppet and to me it seemed to be all uphill. I was really tired – not so much because I raced hard but mentally tired because I had this cold coming but wasn’t really sick yet.

The field seemed more competitive as well. No moms or aging Trapper Johns in Jeans to race against. After a crappy start – crashing on the first downhill (which I had been afraid off all along) and even taking out another skier doing it, I caught up with an old kayaking buddy, Robyn (who is also the daughter of my boss’s boss who I worked out with at the gym at work). She just started cross-country this season as well, starting off with skating earlier in the season and switched to classics in January. Her skills are MUCH greater than mine though (maybe since she is an ex-downhill skier but that doesn’t explain her flying up the hills). I manage to stay with Robyn for some time but when I got tired near the end – starting the endless climbs on the biathlon part – I lost her. She finished more than 5 min ahead of me. Well done, Robyn, for your first loppet. I’ll see you on the water this spring :-).

Jeff did quite well in his 30km race. He originally signed up for 50km but after still feeling tired last weekend he switch his registration to 30km. Only to regret that decision on race day once more feeling ready for 50km again. His time was 2hrs12min – more than an hour faster than mine. Our friend and mentor John raced the 50km – his first 50km loppet skating (he is a classics guy). He finished in less than 15min after me – and came in third in his age group. Congratulations John!

I should stick to paddling :-). The guys beat me in a kayak too but usually not by hours!!! Bruised Ego – can you tell?!

Robyn at the finish – all smiles

Crossing the finish line – defeated and tired

John skating into the finish

Congrats John for coming in 3rd!! The 1st place finisher couldn’t even make it up the podium anymore 🙂


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  1. I also hate steep downhills, especially when there is a sharp corner at the bottom – my skills haven’t caught up with my ambition yet. 😉

    Comment by catherine — March 2, 2011 @ 7:54 AM

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