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March 6, 2011

Another Weekend come and gone

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I have been sick all of last week – ever since the race – with a bad cold. Everything except for a fever. So no workouts all week, besides biking into work which was hard enough even on the flats. So I was aching to get out this weekend as I am slowly starting to feel better.

John testing the height of the snow banks around the parking lot

The trail at Madeley Lake and a little bit of blue sky

 Saturday was as usual a cross-country skiing day. We decided the last minute to go to Callaghan again instead of Manning Park as it is a shorter drive and I wasn’t sure how long I will hold up with my cold. It was an almost perfect day – about zero degrees and lots of fresh snow. If not for the clouds it would have been the best day ever. The skiing conditions were perfect though – great grip and reasonable glide. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as perfect – no energy whatsoever. I managed to do an easy loop of 18km avoiding the major climbs – working mostly on technique. That worked but I had enough after 2hrs 15. The guys tried out a new trail with a lot of climbing up to Callaghan Lake Lodge while I was already sitting at the Olympic Park Lodge next to the fireplace reading a book. Not bad for a Saturday.

Howe Sound Impressions

Spot the Dolphins!

But that wasn’t the end of it. On they way back while watching the calm water of Howe Sound – it never seems to be this calm – I spotted something splashing in the water. Turned out it was a huge school of dolphins or porpoises that was chasing some bait up and down the channel. I have never seen dolphins in Howe Sound before and there were at least 50 of them. Too far away to takes pictures but still a great sight to see.

Access to Burnaby Lake is open again - still a lot of dredging junk around though

Jeff heading out onto the lake.

Sunday was a shopping & paddling day. It was a nice and sunny day and temperatures were up to 8 degrees in the afternoon. Finally we are back to paddling on Burnaby Lake. There is still a lot of dredging equipment on the lake but at least we can weave our way through it. For the first time EVER I was able to paddle on the north side of the lake between the dock and the 500m mark. In the past we only had a 3m wide channel along the south side while the rest of the lake was only an inch deep at best – they pulled out a lot of muck here. There was a light breeze today, just enough to keep me cool. I noticed that I am much better at paddling when I am not feeling the best than skiing. Guess technique does help to not waste extra energy. In paddling it took me 6 or 7 year to get to this stage – one can only ski maybe 5 month a year so I am looking at least 12 years to get comfortable? Sigh – at least I maybe almost retired by then 🙂

Last but not least starting to plan for our Hawaii trip. Not sure if I talked about it already but we are going to the Big Island of Hawaii for 8 days with Jeff’s brother Brent and his girl friend Sheila. Sheila is also a diver so I am hoping to get some nice dive trips in – if my damn sinus are fixed by than (rats!!!). Although, I haven’t really done any planning yet, except for booking the flight some time ago. I’ll guess that will happen on the flight.

Oh and I am going to Cirque du Soleil this Wednesday  Jeff’s parents – Christmas gift for Jeff’s parents. I hope the traveling shows are as good as the permanent ones in Las Vegas: Quidam: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/quidam/default.aspxwith


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  1. The last time I paddled in the North lane I was a BANTAM!! I look forward to testing it out. 🙂

    Comment by catherine — March 6, 2011 @ 11:54 PM

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