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May 1, 2011

Dan Harris Challenge – May 1st

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Today Jeff and I and whole bunch of fellow Canadian paddlers raced down in Fairhaven, USA. This was the first out of two races for the Think International Surfski Challenge where teams from Canada and the US compete against each other. The rules changed this year and more boats are required to put a team together – 5 doubles and 10 singles. The team also has to have a certain amount of women on it and a youth paddler. The goal is to increase participation in surfski paddling/racing. Points are given in accordance to where the team members finish in relation to each other. The last 3 years the US always beat us Canadians – this year we are hoping for revenge.

21 of us went down and raced – a full team, quite impressive. Jeff and I doubled up – we needed to fill the doubles first as they are usually faster than the singles – and we actually had three more women in single surfkis come down this time and two more in doubles. Yeah, Cynthia, Kathleen and Shannon in singles and Jodi (with Bob) and Trista (with Brian) in mixed doubles!! 

The sky was blue and the sun shining at the 10am start but the wind was cold!!! Sea was a bit choppy and we had to race into a headwind first. Jeff and I had a good start and got off second after one of the US double of  Tracy and her youth partner. They had such a great race and ended up winning. Jeff and I made the mistake trying to get around them after the first quarter of the race thinking the little guy in the back must get tired soon. But no, they continued on strong and we blew up a bit. Got passed by another mixed US double – Morris & Debbie, for years we have been racing head to head with those guys – and the Canadian mens/youth double of Reid and Eric. The later really surprised me how strong they went coming in second over all. Eventually after turning around the turning point and going with the wind Jeff and I had pulled ourselves together again. By then the other doubles were too far ahead for us to catch them. But we almost reeled in the two singles that had snug by us as well only to run out of distance at the end. Overall a good race – not as strong as we used to be but good based on the training we had been doing.

The US is currently ahead in point – the 2nd race is being held on home turf in Canada in two weeks as part of the Tour de Indian Arm in Deep Cove. If you own a surfski, come on out and support us 🙂


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