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July 21, 2011

Jun 18-19: Bugs & Flowers – must be spring

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Another fishing weekend. We were going back to Gwen Lake, to cut the morning drive a bit shorter, hoping the roads would be free of snow by now. The weather was dreadful when we left home – rain – but cleared up by the time we left the Coquihalla summit behind us. Just before the turn off to the lake, we saw a bear right along the highway. We don’t nearly see bears here as often as higher up on the Coquihalla.

The road into Gwen was indeed fine and we made it to the lake without problem. What was a problem though were the mosquitoes that greeted us a soon as we stepped out of the truck. As long as you kept moving it was okay but as soon as you stopped at least 10 landed immediately. No way we’ll camp here tonight!!! But Jeff still wanted to check out the fishing. I though decided that instead of trying to change into my fishing gear rather go for a walk and see if the pest would thin out further away from the lake. To keep a long story short – it did not. But spring was in full force up here and tons of flowers were out. Trying to take close up pictures though was a challenge with the steady buzzing in my ears. I walke half way around the lake through some pretty old second-growth forest. I tried climbing up higher along a dirt road and it almost seemed like there were less mosquitos but again as soon as I stopped – washroom brake – those bustards were on me again. Nevertheless I had a good long hike. Back at the truck I locked myself inside, curled up into the seat with my book and read and slept a bit until Jeff came off the lake. Although fishing was good for Jeff we quickly packed up and continued on to Peterhope Lake. Even he got bothered by mosquitos which is rare.

We were once again lucky that our campsite on little Pete was still open. Jeff went out for another fishing … while I set up camp, did the firewood, made dinner… and there were a few mosquitos as well but not nearly as many as Gwen. manageable!

I fished the next day in Little Pete and got into a few nice but small fish. Weather was still on the colder side but it did not rain and sun was out for a bit. I walked a bit to check out my usual animal spots but didn’t see much except for yet another deer and a hawk.

Bear sighting again on the way home along the Coquihalla Hwy.


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  1. Great Pics:) thank you for sharing!

    Comment by Rayya The Vet — July 22, 2011 @ 1:32 AM

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