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August 13, 2011

Jul 24 – Bylaws

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Enough paddling for one weekend – day two was another fly fishing day. We thought we try our luck again catching Pinks but this time a bit closer to home – well at least no ferry involved. But we did head over into How Sound again.Jeff saw some salmon jumping the day before at Porteau before the race start. Fishing at Porteau isn’t allowed but nearby Furry Creek has a nice beach and apparently lots of pinks.

Before we get to the fishing though we had to gas up. Our diesel gets a lot of kilometers on one tank. The needle doesn’t even move for the first 200kms. But once you get near the red it drops like a rock. We were still above the red when we passed all those gas stations in Vancouver on our way to the highway. We dropped into the red just when we crossed 2nd Narrows Bridge. And after we passed West Van we were almost on the bottom – within 15km or so. Oh well, no sweat we thought, we just let the GPS tell us were the nearest gas station is and get gas. So it took us off the highway onto Marine somewhere past the Ambleside exit on 15th street. Well, the first gas station didn’t exist – we continued on west towards the next one. Well it turned out the next one was located in the middle of the harbour and NOT accessible by car. Why the hell the GPS didn’t know we were in a CAR using the “driving” settings is a mystery to me. By now Jeff was getting mad – wasting time on our way to fishing!!!! So instead of chasing the gas stations going west I figured we should turn around and better try our luck in West Van. Bigger city, lots of gas stations. We had to climb up the hill again to get back to the highway – the needle now resting below the red – but we made it into West Van no problem and there was a Chevron right on the bottom of 15th. but – no diesel. Rats!!! The GPS said there would be a Petro Canada just a few blocks east and they always have diesel. When we finally pulled into the Petro Canada Station we were surprised they didn’t have diesel either. Apparently West Van has a bylaw that says NO DIESEL can be sold within city limits. I couldn’t believe it!!! So now we were both mad because we had to go back all the way to North Van to get gas – luckily the first one past the city limits did have diesel.

Despite the delays we got to Furry Creek and found parking right away. It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent ALL day on the beach. The most amazing thing – it never got windy either!! 99% of all times the wind kicks up as it did teh day before (see previous post). Jeff got into a few fish with his surf rod casting his fly out further than I could see. I used his old Sage, which is a great rod but I could not get the line out far enough to were the fish are. But hey, lots of opportunities to take picture, sit on the beach and read or sleep. One of my shoulders got burned VERY bad 🙂 But I let the pictures speak…


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