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October 10, 2011

Turkey weekend

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Jeff and I would never have turkey for Thanksgiving if we wouldn’t have friends and relatives that do all that work and invite us over just in time to eat it. Yesterday Krista and Fred had us over for turkey dinner and it was delicious. Today Jeff’s parents invited us for Turkey and it was again delicious. I can eat turkey many days in the row no problem as long as I don’t have to do the cooking. The bird itself wouldn’t even be the worst of it but preparing all those 3-4 vegetable side dishes on top of it – no good for a one-pot meal expert like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Krista, Fred, Maynetta and Roy.

But we didn’t just eat this weekend. Saturday was a write-off buying that new toy – see previous post. Well not a write-off in the sense that it wasn’t worthwhile doing but a write of in the sense of things we like to spend our time with on weekends. We hate shopping!!! At least I got 30min on the kayak erg in the evening.

Sunday we went fishing at the Harrison River. Had to get up early since Jeff wanted to hit it at first light – well naturally we didn’t quite make it but it was still early and we pretty much had the river to ourself for most of the day. Jeff fished all day as usual. I juggled my time between fishing and reading on shore – trying to not fall asleep since I was sitting high up on a log. It was overcast and cool in the morning but by mid day the sun came out and it was really nice. We caught most of our fish in the afternoon – so why again did I have to get up early!!?? Jeff was first to land a nice coho and insisted I should switch to the fly he was using. But stubborn me wanted to try the fly I picked myself. And I did hook into a fish on my second cast – yippee. Unfortunately it was a foul-hooked dying sockeye. No browny point for that. Shortly after though I got into a coho as well and he fought well running me into my backing twice. I managed to get it in and it was a pretty big fish – nice and chrome and fresh – probably about 7-8lb. Both of the cohos were hatchery fish and we kept them. Almost regretted that we had the turkey dinner invitation for the same evening but didn’t. The fish will still be great tomorrow.

Today I send Jeff off on his own – can’t get up early two days in the row. Weather was pretty miserable most of the day two. I tried to do some cleaning up at home but didn’t get far – sure swallowed a lot of dust. In the afternoon I met up with Jodi to go for a surfski paddle in English Bay. Despite the drizzle it was a great paddle – we worked at a good steady pace the whole time doing about 15kms (Ambleside -False Creek-Jericho-Ambleside). The water was flat which I liked, Jodi was looking for more waves than that – next time 🙂


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