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November 30, 2011

Ever heard of Duesseldorf?

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Vancouver used to be the #1 city to live in when I moved here – or tied with Sydney, Australia, can’t remember for sure. Having been to both cities I could not agree more. This morning I heard on the radio that “we” dropped to fifth place – which is still not bad out of 220 cities. BUT we are tied with Duesseldorf, Germany. I couldn’t believe my ears. I can’t think of anything special about Duesseldorf, except that it is the middle of the most industrial area of Germany (old coal mining town). And even more surprising – Frankfurt comes right after. I have been there multiple times and would never want to live there. It does have a much better infrastructure though than Vancouver. For an outdoors person like me though that counts less than having an ocean and mountains right on my door steps – I don’t think though that aspect was part of the study:-). By the way, the first US city listed was Honolulu in 29th place.

The top 10 cities (overall quality of life):

 1) Vienna, Austria
 2) Zurich, Switzerland
 3) Auckland, New Zealand
 4) Munich, Germany
 5) Duesseldorf, Germany
 5) Vancouver, Canada
 7) Frankfurt, Germany
 8) Geneva, Switzerland
 9) Bern, Switzerland
 10) Copenhagen, Denmark
Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/315297#ixzz1fGH0wVWE
Some other notables of today:
  • I got home BEFORE Jeff which hasn’t happened in months.
  • I managed to even get an erg workout in before dinner.
  • Between dinner and bed Jeff and I spent most of the evening waxing skis or packing clothes for the weekend:-)

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