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December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve: White Christmas & The Best Christmas Tree Ever

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Christmas Eve in the afternoon is where I bring out the German in me most and my Christmas starts. It is the day – Canada or Germany – where you chase last minutes Christmas presents since stores are open till at least noon even in Germany. It is the day we put up our Christmas tree…

Luckily Jeff and I had done the mad dash for l;ast minute gifts yesterday already.  Therefore, we had time to do something  fun all day. For dinner we just put a hunk of beef together with some veggies into the slow cooker in the morning so we didn’t have to worry about preparing it later. It was pouring rain in Vancouver when we woke up – one of those days you would rather saty in bed alltogether and paddling or skiing at Cypress was pretty much out of the question. Callaghan had rain in the forecast as well but at least it snowed over night looking at the webcam – handy little things :-). It was risky but we decided to head out that way. It rained for most of the drive until we turned of the main hwy into Callaghan Valley and became almost light snow. Good enough. We started our ski a little different warming up on the flats first instead of going down this stupid hill at neck-breaking speed only to end up crashing at the less than 90 degree turn at the bottom and than have to work your way back up that hill again before starting on the long trail to the lake. It also turned out that the rest of our usual route wasn’t groomed yet so I did the Madeley Lake route in the opposite direction – I started loosing track up Jeff on Norwegian Woods pretty quickly and didn’t see him again until he was already on his way back from Madeley Lake. Snow conditions were soso – although there was snow it the tracks I didn’t get good grip and the groomers had made a mess of the trails in some areas as well and it was really slow. BUT it started snowing really hard while I was on the way to Madeley Lake. Big snowflakes as well and big as the palm of my hand – it was beautiful! This is a White Christmas like it is supposed to be and my mood improved from this sucks I can’t ski today to this is soooo cool! The big flakes lasted for a while and it kept snowing all the way up to the lake. But once I started to go down again the snow changed into this wet, icing something again or maybe I just got too tired. Good thing it was mostly downhill. It was almost 2.5hrs later that I got back to the car but overall quite enjoyable – WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Jeff and I heading out for the ski

White Christmas - the snow is getting heavier and the flakes bigger....

Huge snowflakes!!!

 Driving back home we arrived to a nice sunset in Vancouver. The clouds were starting to break up and the sun made an appearance once it got closer to the horizon. Pretty nice!

Now we get to the important part of this post – my Christmas Tree. I know, I know – it does not seem very nature-loving to want to have a tree cut down so that you can put it up in your living room for a week. Especially since my tradition is to NOT put it up till Dec 24th and we were only going to be at home for the 24th and part of the 25th heading to 100 Mile on Boxing Day. But sorry, to me a Christmas without a tree is like no Christmas at all and I never get into the spirit. So last-minute, Dec 23rd, I decided I MUST have one since I wasn’t in Christmas mood at all yet having worked so many hours for the last 2-3 month. Obviously, it can’t be an artificial one, but the next best thing is one that still has roots, comes in a pot and isn’t too big so that we maybe can use it for next year as well if we get it through the summer. I went to the nursery nearby but most of the trees in pots were too bushy for me – another traditions of mine is to have REAL candles on the tree!!! Won’t work on 90% of the popular Canadian versions of Christmas trees. I need long branches very well spaced out – the Canadian prefer a compact bush so that they can easily wrap their electric lights around it :-). So what the nurseries do – they actually shave off the branches sticking out to make it into an apparently nice evenly looking compact tree – brrr! But after looking around for 5 more minutes I finally found my tree – and it only cost $13 :-). I was able to fit candles on it as well as a couple of ornaments.  I let the pictures speak for themselves:

The fully decorated Christmas Tree

...and here with lights on.

... and with Jeff and I around it so that you can appreciate its full size.

 We will get many years out of this tree 🙂


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