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January 21, 2012

An almost wasted day – and then not

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Yesterday was a pretty wet day in Vancouver after we had a whole week of really cold weather – the snow from last weekend stuck around till Friday. So I was glad to be able to take the car into work yesterday since I was going for a lunch workout at Jodi’s gym in North Van. It’s a bit of a drive but it is more fun working out with friends than on my own all the time. And Jodi kinda took it easy on us and we did focus more on right technique than heavy weight or speed. At least it was easy till the very end when we had 3 sets of deadlift/pushups (21/15/9) and 5 set of chin-ups (3 each). I haven’t done chin-ups in a LONG time so I was done after 2 sets. Except you are never done with Jodi around. If you can’t do real chin-ups then it is negative chin-ups with an additional 10lb of weights of course. My lats are screaming today 🙂

Nevertheless, today was to be a long ski-day at Callaghan except that we didn’t make it. It started off with that we overslept for an hour – although that was kind off on purpose. So we didn’t get going till 9AM. Maybe that`s why we never made it. The drive along the Ski-to-Sky HWY was already slower than usual – 3 cars in the ditch and another further down slowed down traffic. We made it to Squamish okay. But all the rain yesterday came down as snow north of Squamish – sounds great, doesn`t it? Well except that today it was raining onto that compact snow layer which turned the roads into ice. Traffic slowed down to snail pace – cars ahead of us were slipping and sliding. Once we passed a snow plow with an de-icing trailer who was stuck on the hill almost blocking both lanes I knew we were in trouble. Shortly after traffic complete stopped and we hardly moved for 20min. And we were still about 45min out of Callaghan and nowhere near yet the top of the hill. So we did the smart thing believe it or not and turned around.

We could have gone to Cypress instead on the way back but of course neither Jeff nor I had bought our ski passes. Why would you when you would go to Callaghan for skiing. Rats! So we talked about trying again the next day. But now we were home at just after 1pm – lots of time in the car for nothing – and didn’t know what to do. Since the weather was warmer than it had been in over a week and the rain actually had stopped I suggested to go for paddle. But Jeff’s back was too sore from sitting in the car. So I emailed my friend Jodi to tell her that I had to change my plans – we were supposed to go for a paddle tomorrow. And YEAH Jodi – she called m,e shortly after I send the email and said “Let’s go today”. So we went to Deep Cove for an easy 1hr25 paddle, it was flat calm, the sun made some minor appearnces – it was great. But see for yourself – we took lots of pictures today:

When I got home Jeff stood already in the door waiting for the car to go skiing at Cypress – we could have planned that a bit better rather than driving over to the North Shore for the 3rd time of the day – well luckily we have our Golf Diesel and get over 800km on a tank.



  1. But how awesome to live in a place where you can choose between skiing and kayaking on the same day!!

    Comment by Krista — January 22, 2012 @ 9:09 PM

  2. Nice ski and suit. I miss the snow! Just recently received my Kokatat Meridian, but the weather’s been so good 😦 that I haven’t used it but two times this season. You have some beautiful scenery to paddle in!

    Comment by SagaKayak.com — January 30, 2012 @ 8:49 AM

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