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January 28, 2012

Should have done Mountain View in the morning…

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Know what this does to your skiing? Read on....

Well, we made it to Callaghan again today, even though the roads were covered in snow past Squamish. It snowed lightly when we got there and never stopped snowing all day – really beautiful day actually. Last night Jeff put grip tape onto my waxable skis, I just don’t trust my waxing skills one bit and combined with my limited skills in skiing I always seem to slip and slide when using grip wax. When I bought those skis they has grip tape on them and I loved it. Only used them in the Cariboo Loppet last year though where I had a good race. I didn’t use them in Salmon Arm 2 weeks ago because I would have had to use grip wax. And crowns will never be fast skis -and they are heavier. So for the next loppet I want to use my waxable skis again – hence the grip tape and me trying them out today at Callaghan. I started off going down to Porters Glide and was able to double pole a lot of it. So glide seemed okay even though it didn’t feel fast. But the tracks were full of fresh snow so seemed reasonable. I worked my way up Madeley Road and even though I had a couple slips I never had to get out of the tracks once. If I did focus on my weight transfer I really had fantastic grip. After a quick rest at Madeley Lake I headed back down Norwegian Woods and back onto Porters Glide. And even though I was getting tired I was still able to double pole as much as on the first lap. I actually felt okay and thought maybe I can do the Biathlon track even after I finish my backwards Mountain View. But here is where the story changed. This part of the trail is a bit lower than the Madeley Lake loop and it wasn’t as freshly groomed but still in good shape. It did not take long though and I thought what the heck is going on – I had no glide. I push and push until I almost did a perfect face plant since my feet/skis stopped dead – and I mean dead. I had to lift my feet to move forward on the flat. I took the skis off and saw a whole bunch of snow stuck to the grip tape. I tried to brush it off but it took the edge on my ski poles to get rid of that snow – it was so caked on. Oh well, I figured, now that they are clean again I can keep going. Yeah, for about 10m – rats. I tried stomping them on the ground and it helped a bit but then stopped dead again. I actually ended up walking all the way up Mountain View. Had a spectacular crash when I tried to take a picture of the bottom of my skis while they were still on my feet – luckily nobody saw me 🙂 I could even walk downhill not slipping at all – well except for the cople times when all sudden the whole blob of snow came off unexpectedly and I slid down for a meter only to be stopped dead again in my tracks. What a nightmare!!!

I made it back to the car with an hour left in our 4hrs of skiing based on what Jeff said, him and John were going for. Even though I had my crowns in the car I just about had enough of classic skiing. So I borrowed Jeff’s skates skis for an easy lap around Nevermind. Him and John did one lap of skating first and than one lap of classic. It took a bit longer since this was only my second time on skates skis ever and there is nothing easy about skating. But I made it back to the car right on time. Apparently the boys had been back for 30min already thinking I probably won’t be out for that long. Honestly I had not planned on it – brought my book to kill time in front of the fireplace in the lodge 🙂  Nevertheless, I was happy I went for that last loop – never end on a bad note. Mind you, I was tired. Not even the Guinness and Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Shady Tree in Squamish could revive me. Now I am looking forward to an early night and a nice paddle tomorrow.

Turnaround point at Madeley Lake - skis were still working well

Lots of snow at Callaghan not like other places across the province/country

 By the way, they canceled my favourite loppet, the Cariboo Loppet in 100 Mile, because of too little snow. This was the one loppet I was really looking forward to since I had so much fun last year. There are a few loppets on our list so missing out on one isn’t the end of the world but I would have rather had the Payak canceled. Two main reasons: First, the Payak is a Freestyle event and only few people do classic while the Cariboo is Classic only –  the later makes for better classics trail conditions. Secondly, the participants in the Payak are all damn near Pro Athletes while in the Cariboo I get to race with Mom and Pap, people my speed 🙂

Last but not least, I was sick Monday/Tuesday this week. Just a cold with a  runny nose but my head was plugged up completely. I made it into work but didn’t really get much accomplished. Made for long hours again the rest of the week. And I had to bail out on my swim with Krista Tuesday – sorry – and my weight workout with Jodi Friday – sorry – the later because of trying to catch up on work.



  1. That happened to me with grip tape too, once. Grip waxing your own skis is not too bad – you can always put on some more or another kind if you find the temperature warms up and you have no kick. …and bring the crowns as backup! 😀

    Comment by Catherine — January 30, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

    • Says you – all you need is green 🙂 Tonight was such wet snow up at Cypress…but it worked like a charm all night.

      Comment by K2 in Canada — January 30, 2012 @ 10:21 PM

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