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March 3, 2012


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I have never been a top athlete nor do I aspire to become one. I work hard on things I like to do like paddling. Skiing is something I picked up because I like to be outdoors and am getting tired of paddling in the cold :-). But I never thought I would be racing as much as I did this year. It’s all Jeff’s fault – and he is doing so well!! Anyways, the one thing I always had going for me is, I never give up! Today I did and it still hurts!!

We went to the Overlander Loppet at Stake Lake for another 30km race. It was again a freestyle event, much smaller than the Payak last week, and it turned out I was one of the only two people who were on classic skis. The other guy though looked like he really knew what he was doing. So it didn’t take long after the start and I was all on my own. Mentally that’s tough knowing you will be dead last right off the start – but I have battled through that before. Nevertheless, it went from bad to worse pretty quick. Apparently the course had only one hill – well one big hill but many small ones as well. On this first big hill my skis iced up and I ended up walking. It took me a while to kick the ice of my skis on top to keep going. On all the other hills I had absolutely no grip and was slipping and sliding. My skis also felt slow grabbing the snow here and there – scarry on big downhills. The first of three 10km laps was already a nightmare and the only two reasons I pushed myself onto doing lap two was that Jeff hadn’t passed me yet and I was still under an hour. But on lap two the nightmare got 10x worse. The weather was BEAUTIFUL – sunny and warm. The snow conditions weren’t. Especially in sunny sections glide was non-existent. So if you are already down from your skis icing up now and then going up the big hill, slipping and sliding on all other hills where they didn’t ice up and you had to start double poling to make it down that hill… it was just enough for me to through in the towel after lap two – it took me almost 1h15min to complete although I didn’t try hard either. I would have been out there for another 1++hrs and all the other skiers would have been finished for a long time. At least I did all the volunteers a favour :-). By the way Jeff passed me pretty early on on lap two. He was 17th overall, 3rd in his category – great work!!!

Lesson learnt – grip tape is NOT my favourite any more. Maybe I do the next one on skate skis – they may be slow with the wrong wax but they do not stop dead! For sure I will be paddling tomorrow.



  1. I had similar waxing problems this weekend, although I was just touring, not racing. I think I was 3 inches taller from all the sharp new snow stuck to the bottom of my skis. Not being able to gain speed on the downhill sections due to sticky skis is THE WORST!! I actually thought to myself: ‘if this had happened on the Vasaloppet, I would have just quit!’ This is one reason to skate – no grip wax! Congratulations to Jeff! I guess he skated? 😉

    Comment by Catherine — March 5, 2012 @ 8:36 AM

  2. PS – would it have been better to use crowns? I wondered that as I snowshoed up some hills…

    Comment by Catherine — March 5, 2012 @ 8:37 AM

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