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March 31, 2012

Ski Jumping

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No, no, I did not pick up another winter sport but they had the Canadian National Ski Jumping Championships on in Callaghan today. So after my ski – 2.5hrs on skates all the way to Madeley Lake and back along Around the World and Brandywine – I stopped at the bottom of the jumps to watch. I have never seen this live and it was really cool – and scary! The first few jumpers got down to the 70+m mark. Looked pretty good to me but there was more to come. This was the third jump on the tall jump and they had seeded the competitors from shortest to furthest jump. So the good guys were at the end. And I was surprised when I heard that 3 jumpers from Germany were also in the mix – forth to second last jumper. Those guys jumped into the 130+m mark. I thought that was tough to beat but then came the last jumper from Canada. And that guy, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes – 20 yrs of age, flew down all the way into the flat safety zone -142m. Whoa!!

Before leaving I got a picture with the German jumpers – asking them in broken German but they were willing enough. Martin Schmitt was part of the German team that won the Silver Medal here in Callaghan on the HS140 during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This picture is for my friend K3 in Germany!! She is a big fan of anything to do with ski racing – on TV that is. Nevermind she would blow me away in running, biking or swim 🙂

Last but not least exciting, we saw a Lynx or Bobcat crossing the road into the Olympic park today. He trotted across as if there were no road – with 3 cars barreling down on him. unfortunately we were car 3 in the line but got a good view of him when he vanished in the trees. Sooo cool – my first Lynx/Bobcat.

Just before we left it started snowing again – thick heavy flakes. They may have snow till June 🙂


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