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April 19, 2012

Yeah Yellow

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On Monday, we finally got to do some painting. As usual, Jeff did the edging – of which there is a lot in the living room – and I did the rolling. Problem with painting after work is that it does get dark and even with lights on there are shadowy areas where it’s hard to see how well the paint covered them. We did quite well but underestimated how much wall there is in the living room. We managed to do 90% by 10pm but balked on doing the wall along the stairs – since that would require changing the ladder which has been blocking the stairs since Saturday so that we could reach the ceiling all the way. None of us had enough strength left to do that – not having eaten yet.

The next day I woke up to really sore hands –  mostly my thumbs – and could hardly hold my tea cup :-). We also woke up to really bright yellow walls in the living room – at night you really hardly noticed the color. First I though – jeez that’s yellow but now I wake up to sunshine in the living room every day even if it is a grey day outside.

I felt my sore thumbs all day long Tuesday. But of course that didn’t stop me from racing in Deep Cove that night. Neither did the steady rain. It was time trial night around Jug Island which means short distance (only 4.5km or so),  staggered starts and no wash-riding allowed. We were supposed to seed ourselves by slowest to fastest. But since people were slow to line up I was one of the first surfskis out. It was great since I got to pass a lot of people – paddlers in canoes, sea kayaks and on SUPs. I almost led the whole race but Warren – darn – managed to get ahead of me just before I passed the canoe that started first. After that quite a few of the fast surfski guys started flying by – oh  well. I was more concerned about Jodi who I knew was breathing down my neck. It was quite windy blowing down the arm and we had 2-3 foot waves turn more and more into cross waves the closer we got to Jug. Near Jug it was a bit like a washing machine due to all the re-bounding waves. So I did do a couple braces – mostly because I was using an unfamiliar paddle as I had left mine at Burnaby Lake on Sunday with my K1 and my hands always seemed to be in the wrong position. Needless to say, the going was slow. Lucky for me, Jodi didn’t fare any better than I did in the waves. But I am sure if she hadn’t fallen in rounding Jug she would have caught me at the end. Going back into the Cove was a bit easier and I caught a few wave sets to ride on and didn’t lose too much more ground on the men that passed me already. A fun night out despite the wind and rain and cold…


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  1. that is yellow! when I get around to putting up the painting pictures for our house, ours are going to look pretty bland!

    Comment by Krista — April 19, 2012 @ 9:44 PM

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