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September 9, 2012

A crack in the rock – May 26-27 Fishing Trip

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I don’t seem to be able to catch up….

Another fishing weekend in May spent at another of my other favourite lakes – Peterhope Lake. We found a new campsite along the lake which we only had to share with the cows, ducks and geese. Again the weather was sunny but cold. Jeff spent most of his time fishing the big lake while I only fished Little Pete. But most of the time I walked around or road my bike or sat in camp and read a book. On my walks I encountered quite a bit of the usual wildlife – a couple of male deer in the meadow above camp and a Dusky Grouse. What I didn’t expect was this weird sound coming out of a small rocky bluff I walked by – almost sounded like a cricket but louder and it was in the middle of the morning. I also only heard it when I walked close to that rock. First I ignored it thinking it must be some type of insect but when I heard the sound again on my way back at the same rock I started to investigate more closely. And there it was – a tiny bat was wedge into a small crack in the rocks, hard to spot and even harder to take a pictures off although I tried. Not that I didn’t expect bats to live in the area – we see them in the evenings all the time while sitting at the campfire but I sure didn’t expect to see it in a crack in the rock so low to the ground. I went back many times after (same weekend and other weekends) but never saw the little creature again. I am sure I scared the living hell out of that poor little bat.

I think this was also the first trip where Jeff brought his new bike. After saying for years he can’t ride bikes anymore (bad knees) he really started to enjoy riding my mountain bike up and down the trails. So he bought himself a used mountain bike. We did a couple rides together in the morning before the bugs started to hatch. One was along the powerlines which isn’t too steep and offers great views over the lake. Along there we saw a lot of eagles – Bald Eagles and other. Jeff has also taken to riding  his bike into work most days since then…


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