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September 29, 2012

Nostalgic – Aug 25/26

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The last weekend in August – warm and sun. We spent Saturday morning on Burnaby Lake paddling and I meant to do some house stuff in the afternoon. don’t think I ever did.

The Sunday we did a nostalgic thing. When I first met Jeff, when I had just arrived here in Canada for my first postdoc – more that 15 years ago – and didn’t really know anybody yet, he invited me to accompany him on one of his salmon fishing trips to the Fraser “Scale Bar” just past Hope. Back then I didn’t know what to expect of going “bottom bouncing” for sockeye salmon, didn’t own a rod, actually had never fished before… So I was very surprised by this solid line of people standing in the water and pulling out salmon one after the other. Back than, 15 years ago it was busy but not crazy busy and Jeff got his two fish in a couple of hours. For a number of years we went back to the Scale Bar every August to get our daily limits of sockeye and fill up the freezer. At that time you were still allowed to fish at night so we could come home we two-day limits. I had my own rod by now. But they made night fishing illegal and the day crowds got bigger and bigger and fishing was less and less fun AND we started to pick up sprint kayaking and pretty much dropped fishing of our radar screens. So this was the first time that we have been back to the Scale Bar in 8 or 9 years if not more. There were still crowds – not too bad since sockeye wasn’t open so you could only keep spring and they are much harder to catch. I was a bit reluctant first to go out not knowing if I can still cast without tangling up my neighbours right away but after a while the lines thinned out enough for me to cast a few. Didn’t get into anything but it was a great day. We finished it off with a nice dinner at the Vedder Mountain Grille in Yarrow.


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