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October 20, 2012

A Walk in the grasslands – Fishing Trip Jun 24

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Only three more of the spring fishing trip to go. This one was a one day trip to Leighton Lake (the Saturday was spent at home: https://k2incanada.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/pictures-are-up-on-the-wall-a-12-weekend-off/). We used to go there a lot when I just started out fly fishing 10-15 years ago. It used to be a lake full of fish and good for beginners to catch some. Back then the campsite was just a small forestry site. It has changed a lot since then. It’s now a Provincial Park. The campsite is now all organized with a good gravel road and established sites. Not so much my type of camping any longer now that they can pull in the big rigs with their generators. It still is a great lake to fish though. And easy to get to for a day trip – only 3.5hrs from home.

The three things I remember – it was cold and windy but mostly dry with a few exception, it was the first time out in Jeff’s new boat and, not too surprising, I did a lot of walking. There is a trail around the lake up to Tunkwa Lake though the interior grasslands. It was still too early for most flowers but the big black clouds in the open sky and yellow grass made up for amazing views and great walking. Lots of birds around – the one noteable was an Osprey sitting in a tall dead tree in the campsite. Lots of marmots around – also mostly in the campsite. And the most amazing encounter – I caught a vole, a type of mice – by the tail on my walk. When do you ever catch a mouse with your hand? Those things are very fast and usually vanish into a hole nearby immediately. And according to the online literatures voles are even better at not being seen at all than mice. So why this one had its nose buried in the grass and tail sticking out I don’t know. Maybe it was a stubborn one that was convinced that it’s burrow started right here. Well obviously there was no hole since I pull the little creature out of the grass to have a look. He/she didn’t even seem that terrified, more or less looked annoyed. Good thing I wasn’t an owl or eagle…..and it lived to tell the tale. Enough words – enjoy the walk through the grass lands around  Tunkwa and Leighton:


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