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October 21, 2012

Exploring more new lakes – Fishing Trip Jun 30 – Jul 2

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Even though we were going to Alaska on Jul 3rd we still could not resist to go camping for the long weekend. The weather was supposed to be nice in the interior – even though still on the cooler side. And since it was a long weekend we decided to explore some more new lakes in an area we have never been to before in between Princeton and Tulameen. There are a lot of lakes up there…

Few things I remember – first of all we got lost trying to find Larry Lake but eventually we found it. But we couldn’t really decide if we wanted to camp there or not so we continued on checking out some other lakes. Next stop was supposed to be Stony Lake. We found a road that first seem to go the right direction – it was a rough, narrow road and we got to really use our truck this trip. But instead of Stony Lake we ended up at Thalia Lake – very pretty lake but also VERY busy this weekend. It had quite a big campsite on it but no way did we want to camp here with the crowds, nevermind there didn’t seem to be any space anyways. But it sure was a pretty Lake – have to come back on a not-long-weekend. So we continued on to find Stony, back tracking our route. In one of the big mud puddles we ran into this guy in a small Jeep – we didn’t get stuck but stopped to chat. And yeah, the guy knew where Stony was and was going there anyways and we could follow him. So we turned around in the big mud puddle and followed the guy past Thalia (so we had been on the right track after all) to Stony Lake. We would have NEVER found the turnoff to Stony with the map we had!!! Stony Lake turned out to be busy two, even though it only had 3 small sites but they were full or so the people in the VW van said. But Jeff really wanted to fish Stony and since it was still early we stopped for a while. Stony lake is also quite pretty but tiny. I walked along it for a bit and then up into the bush in behind the campsite while Jeff fished. The bush was fairly open and there were beautiful vistas of tree covered hills with snow-covered mountains in the background and eagles soaring the sky overhead. Did I mention that we had mostly blue skies with a few puffy white clouds. I walked for a LONG time. I hit some other gravel road that seem to go back towards the Stony Lake road. Saw a couple of deer along the way – they were eyeing me but didn’t run off right away. Came across a small little pond with a rock fall and heard this whistling – it looked like Pika territory and sure enough there he was. Takes a lot of patience to take a picture of Pikas. Did some more bushwhacking and ended up on  a cliff overlooking another pretty lake – no idea which one it was. And lucky me, that road I was on really got me back to the Stony Lake turnoff (I don’t think I would ever find this again, sigh). Jeff was still out on the lake fishing. So I was sitting on the “dock” reading in the sun and watching the ducks. By 3 I was getting a bit tense since we still hadn’t found a campsite for the weekend. Finally Jeff came in and we checked out a couple more Lakes but nothing looked as good as the first few lake we hit – Rickey, Cliff and Larry Lake. All of them had possible campsites on them. We ended up on Rickey Lake which wasn’t that busy – there are a couple of places people can camp and we ended up on the west side of it. Even though there was room for quite a few campers we only shared it with another quiet couple. Almost perfect 🙂

The next two days was spent with lots more fishing for Jeff and mostly walking or reading for me. I did go out with Jeff in his new boat a couple of times but never took my float tube out at all. Fishing was spotty. Sometimes we got into tons of fish and then it went quite again for a long time. My walks were great – lots of places to walk to on good ATV trails but I never saw any. One of my walks took me along Cliff and Larry Lakes and it takes you to the backend of Thalia Lake with an old broken down cabin. From there you can go down a ravine into this open valley were the cows live. The one time I walked down that ravine I saw something light brown next to me in the bushes. Took me a couple of seconds to figure out that it was a bear cub sitting on a stump and attacking that stump vigorously. He didn’t see or hear me – it was quite windy – and I was no more than 2m away from that cub. BUT I didn’t see mama bear either – not good. So I backed off back up the trail for a bit. Never got a good picture off, darn. I finally did see mama bear on the other side of the cub in the bush, she had been maybe 4m away from me originally. When I was backing up she did see me and took off up the ravine to my right – away from me. Puh!! But that stupid cub did not follow mom. It took of across the road in front of me and up the other side of the ravine. Okay I was about 5-10m up the road from him already but NOW I was in-between the cub and mom. But mama bear kept walking up the ravine away from me calling her cub even though her cup had disappeared on the left side of me. I just waited and watched – what else could I do – hoping the cub would cross head of me again to re-unite with mom. But it never did. Mom by now had disappeared from my view as well. I carefully walked down the trail for a bit more to see if they had re-united further down but didn’t see anything. So I turned around having tempted fate enough for one day 🙂

The next day I walked to Johnny Lake. It also has a nice campsite on it and good trails to walk along. We even fished Johnny on the last day but it was windy again and we didn’t have much luck. No more scary-or-not wildlife encounters though except for chipmunks, squirrels and woodpeckers in the bush, snakes & a flickers family near camp, baby loons, baby ducks on Cliff Lake etc. I so wanted to see my bears again to take a picture but they didn’t show themselves again 😦

More ics: https://picasaweb.google.com/krade1709/RickeyLakeJun30Jul022012?authkey=Gv1sRgCKfv_dmG89SXjgE


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