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October 26, 2012

A low-energy weekend

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Well, we all have those. Saturday was a sunny but cold day. K1 practise in the morning. I ALMOST was too lazy to take my bike but then my guilty concious won. The ride up already felt hard. Practise was  2 x 4 x 7min on 2min. My should was sore (slept on it wrong) but balance seemed okay even though there was some cross wind. Felt okay to be back in my boat (last week I used a more stable club boat in the strong gust – felt stable sure but everything else felt off) and it was a quite nice day – even though too cold for Oct. The ride home though was bad. My legs felt like rubber and I was soooo cold – not because I was under-dressed but just had this chill in me. So I stopped at the store along the way, bought myself a pie (withstood the urge to by chips as well) and curled up on the sofa with a pot of tea and my pie for the rest of the afternoon. Kinda wasted a nice sunny afternoon…. Eventually I got up to finish off the bedroom dresser from last weekend. Jeff came back from his fishing trip after dark – his day was just as unsuccessful as mine felt – water levels had risen too high with all that rain and muddied up the water.

We were supposed to go fishing Sunday – but I didn’t want to get up too early (which Jeff usually translates into I do not want to go at all but I just need my sleep on the weekends). So we slept in and never went. The weather was a real mix of sun and downpour all morning long. Did some “ski equipment and fly tying stuff” shopping in the morning. I mentioned we could go paddling since we will be on the North Shore already but Jeff didn’t want to have none of it – if he isn’t going fishing on an October weekend it isn’t going to be a fun day :-). And I still had the chills from yesterday and wasn’t too disappointed to not have to be outside. At home I got back to finishing up the downstairs book shelves. Not having the right tools is really stupid – I should have called Fred!! Had to get some screws out of a shelf rail that were stuck in some old dry wall anchors. Ended up sawing off the screw heads, 8 of them, holding on to the screw with needle nose pliers (since those are usefull for fishing) with the rail between my legs… :-). Managed to not cut myself doing it – yeah! So eventually I got Jeff to help to get the last rail up the wall. All the shelves are up now and I started to put books on. No more sagging!!!  I was 1/3 done when Jeff stuck his head in saying he is going for a run. A run – the one thing I hate more than being cold is going for a run. I had thought Jeff and I could spent a day doing stuff together but I guess I already ruined that by working on the downstairs room. So off he went and I was all sudden restless of sitting inside all day too. The rains had stopped and the sun was trying to break through the clouds for good. So I went for a long nice walk along the river and took a number of fall pictures. I love fall colours! Felt much better after that – chills were gone – but my feet were sore (wore different shoes than usual). So instead of doing some erging I baked another plum cake. The last of the season 🙂



  1. Great pictures.

    Comment by rasb2 — October 26, 2012 @ 11:06 AM

  2. Flowers, leaves, and log booms – BC is the greatest!

    Comment by Catherine — October 28, 2012 @ 4:06 PM

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