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October 27, 2012

The no fishing fishing trip – Jul 21-22

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Okay, only it was only a no fishing fishing trip for me. Jeff of course spent all his time on the lake. And this is the last of the spring weekend trips – well kinda summer really. Except it was really still too cold for summer.

Another new lake for us – Lodgepole. We had tried it before in June but it was too miserable and we ended up at Kane Lake (https://k2incanada.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/ditching-the-rain-fishing-trip-jun-9-10/). This time it was sunny but still windy. Maybe that’s why I never fished it. It being a new lake for us, I had lots to explore on foot. But it is a lot of up from the lake. On Saturday I tried to walk all the way up and maybe catching a glimpse off the other side of the mountain but even though I walked the road for a long ways I never really seemed to hit the top – nice views, couple small ponds, meadows full of flowers, one deer, two three-toed woodpecker, lots of interesting insects along the way. Most of the time I followed the road but the deer I saw led me through a clear-cut down into a nice trail through thick forest – turned out it was a dirt bike trail. I would not take any bike on it, that’s for sure – it was really narrow, full or sharp turns and steep rocky or sandy climbs. NUTS. I turned around when I hit this huge mud puddle I could not get around. By the way – lots of dead trees or clear cuts in this area!! Looked pretty sad.

On Sunday Jeff and I took our bike up the road – of course not as far up as I walked, way to steep. There were many trails leading of the main road. The first one we took didn’t go far and ended in a clear-cut. But the next one took us up a nice trail – but a lot of up again. I am sooo wimpy when it comes to hills and bikes :-). Off course even this trail lead us to another big clear-cut. But we saw a deer and her two faun up the hill-side from us. From here the trail got really ruddy though and no more fun to ride. On the way back Jeff even tried part of the dirt bike trial I walked on the day before – I walked :-). He didn’t get too far. And we scared the hell out of a few cows. After the bike ride Jeff went fishing off course and sat around and read watching the storm clouds drift in from the north – lots of lightning but I don’t think it actually ever hit us. I also walked around the lake – there was a really nice trail around it. I heard coyotes but never saw them.


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