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November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving at the lake – Oct 6-8

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Tradition has it that we go fishing/camping on Thanksgiving weekend. It was supposed to be a nice weekend even though we were a bit worried about how cold it would get. Never did though – pretty much perfect weather all the time! Even the wind stayed away for the most part. This was also our first time driving across the new Port Mann Bridge – I don’t even know what it is called now.

We decided on Little Pete rather than Gump – it just is one of the better lakes to fish. But we could not get into our usual 2012 campsite – a tree was down across the track and the saw was packed up in the very back unreachable without unloading the whole truck. Not really worth it since #2 favourite spot was also free. To our surprise, even though the big lake was busy, there was nobody camped at the backend. Just as I like it!! As usual I spent a lot of time walking around while Jeff fished all day. Didn’t see anything exciting though. And each afternoon during the warmest part of the day, I got out on the lake in my little float tube. The water was still fairly warm so I didn’t yet have  to dress up in 5 layers – only 2. And fishing for me was excellent. For a while I got into a fish on every cast!! I landed a few really big fish – for me anyhow and compared to what I saw Jeff catch :-). I am sure he got into some bigger ones out on the big lake but he did look a bit jealous.  It was for sure my best fishing this season. Didn’t want to leave!!!


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