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November 3, 2012


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Well, it is fall after all so I shouldn’t be surprised it rained all day. I had though I might go fishing with Jeff but at 5AM in the morning I could already hear heavy rain outside and decided to stay in bed. Slept in till 9:30AM!!! That felt good. And it was still raining. The weather forecast predicted less rain for the afternoon. So I took some fall pictures from our living room. Then, I spent some time blogging (see below) and I am finally caught up with my blogs – yeah. It was still raining. Now I had the choice of either cleaning the place or get the hell outside! It was already 2:20PM in the afternoon and it was still raining. Unfortunately Burnaby Lake was busy with a rowing regatta – I would have prefered to go there in raining weather. But I ended up driving out to Deep Cove to go for a relaxed surfski paddle. My workout was supposed to be 15km. I ended up doing 23km taking it easy. It was flat calm out which was great. I thought I would be the only one out there in this weather but I saw 4 more kayaks (all sea kayaks mind you) and at least 4 or 5 motor boats. I made it up to the BC Hydro power station and back along the north shore into Bedwell Bay and back into the Cove. Despite the rain, which by the way never stopped, it was a great paddle. Saw lots of seals, a king fisher and a couple eagles. But I can feel it now. Haven’t done such a long paddle in a while – 2hrs45min including picture stops.


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