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November 11, 2012

Birds & Sun & Fun

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Saturday – finally a sunny day on the weekend. So I went with Jeff to the Harrison River. We took our sea kayaks. I haven’t been in my sea kayak for years – about time. And man was I glad I was in my sea kayak.  Firstly, it was probably below zero still when we launched our boats from Kilby Park. Secondly, it was blowing at about 20 to 25 knots downriver. We had to paddle up the current into the wind  – never seen whitecaps like that on a river :-). The waves weren’t huge and I was totally comfortable in my sea kayak – so nice to not have to worry about balance for once – but we did get wet from the spray going over our heads crashing through the waves!! FUN but slow going! Took us a while till we got to the area where we thought the Chehalis must flow into the Harrison – a maze of back channels. We parked our boats since it got really shallow. To my delight there we eagles everywhere in the shallows together with a million seagulls and a few crows – looking for dead salmon. Not easy to sneak up on them though on the wide open flats :-).

We did a lot of walking and finally did find the Chehalis River which was loaded with chum splashing and jumping like mad. There were also quite a few boats and people in there. I hardly fished – too windy for my fly rod. Even Jeff resorted to casting a spinner instead. And despite the cold – I don’t think it got much above 3C all day – it was an awesome day outdoors. I let the pictures tell the tale.


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