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November 17, 2012

Trying to proof the weather forecast wrong… no such luck!

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It was supposed to be another very wet day. When Jeff got up this morning to go fishing I could hear the wind howling around the house but no rain yet. I almost decided to go with him but then the bed was so nice and warm…so I slept for a couple more hours. When I finally rolled out of bed it still wasn’t raining but it was still really windy. I had a leisure breakfast and it was still dry. It doesn’t happen very often but I did not feel like going paddling today – probably because of the wind. Need someone with me if I go out in wind and waves. So I though I do something I hadn’t done in a LONG time – go for a walk at Spanish Banks to have a look at the waves. But I felt way too guilty to drive the truck down there and it still wasn’t raining. So I came up with this great plan to ride my bike for fun (I hardly ever do this, I only commute). It still looked dry out even though the sky was mostly grey. By the time I got changed into my biking clothes, the first drops of rain started falling. I could still see lots of patterns in the clouds though which usually means it won’t rain too badly. The wind was blowing from the southeast where it looked much brighter. Just in case I put on a raincoat but none of my other rain gear. Off I went. It took about 15min and the rain started to get heavier. The wind also had changed directions now blowing from the west into my face. 30min into my ride it started to come down pretty good – the sky had now turned an even grey. No way the rain would stop any time soon. So I put more rain gear on. I was thinking for a second to turn back but nope – I am already out here, already wet, may as well make the best of it. I rode west along Kent onto SW Marine Drive all the way out to UBC and back along the beaches and False Creek to Science World. Originally I had planned to check out Science World since I have NEVER been – shame on me I know. But I was pretty wet at that time – mainly my feet and they also were getting cold. So I hopped back on my bike and rode up Ontario, followed the top of the ridge east to just before our place before dropping down again onto Kent and finally getting back home. 47.8km and almost 3hrs later – including all my soggy picture stops – wet and tired. Not because of too many hills along the way but my legs were sore from yesterdays lunges.  I didn’t really accomplish any of my goals for the ride either – didn’t stop much to walk the beach, didn’t get much fresh air because off all those cars on the road and still didn’t see Science World. Still would not call it a wasted day though :-).

The pictures aren’t the greatest – got to do this again when it’s sunny – but they are a true representation of my ride :-). I spent the rest of the afternoon huddled into a blanket drinking tea. I was thinking about going for a paddle later – it wasn’t that windy anymore – but I started blogging and now it is getting too dark. Erg it is I guess.


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