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November 30, 2012

Sun, Snow, Sore Muscles and 2 Guinness – Nov 24-25

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…that pretty much describes a great weekend up at Sovereign Lake near Vernon. Jeff had been checking the websites for the local ski hills all week long to find out if they would be open for the weekend. But by Friday night there still was nothing on the web. Only Sovereign Lake promised good snow and lots of groomed trails. So we decided to make the journey to Vernon. It was 5hrs from our door to the top of the mountain. We got started just before 8AM and for a change it was NOT raining when we left the city. Hit the clouds and snow going up the Coquihalla but it stopped shortly after the summit and it was blue sky from there till just before Kamloops. As we dropped down into the valley we drove through low clouds and those stayed with us until we worked our way up towards Vernon. Such a beautiful drive. We went up to the lodge right away and put our skis on – classic first. It felt so foreign – all the good stuff I thought I had picked up in Alaska forgotten!!! And I was soooo out of shape, done for after only about 10km. The 60-70 year olds had better stamina than I. Nevertheless, I only stopped long enough to switch into my skate skis. First off it actually felt better – until I hit the first small rise, wouldn’t even call that a hill. Gosh – what do I do all these workouts for…. just to be able to have an excuse to eat chips and chocolate, I guess. Did another 8km on skates which took me well over an hour :-). But it was so beautiful out – the snow was great, the sky mostly blue, the grooming almost perfect, … topped by a beautiful sunset driving down the hill.

We stayed in town that night – much cheaper than the Silverstar accommodation and had a great dinner at the local Irish pub, washed down with two Guinness to speed up the recovery. We were too full afterwards to even move our butts down into the hot tub 🙂

Day 2 was even sunnier. I felt sore getting up in the morning but nothing a good breakfast could not fix. Back up on the mountain the snow and perfect blue sky were just too inviting. We went skating first. I got tired even quicker but also started to remember more of how to do this. Lasted just about an hour. We had a nice little break before we went classic skiing. That felt considerably better than the day before. Sure my legs were tired but the grip was 10 times better. All in all I did just over 20km on the 2nd day. Till that weekend I was kinda dreading for the ski season to start, wanted to keep paddling. But this trip was just soooo nice. Can’t wait to go again…

Having said that, the temperatures came way up this week back home and it sure feels more like paddling weather again :-). We’ll see, maybe we’ll get to do both this weekend. What a great place we live in…


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