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January 19, 2013

Indoor paddle

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Well, today was supposed to be a sunny and 5C day but we woke up to heavy fog and cold. Jeff’s back took a turn for the worse as well. I waited till almost noon for the fog to lift at our place before heading over to Burnaby Lake for a nice and “relaxed” K1 paddle. The closer I got to the lake the thicker the fog got again and temperatures dropped by another degree – almost 0C. Maybe not the best paddling weather but I was eager to get back in my K1. Unfortunately, I arrived to a frozen Burnaby Lake – at least 1.5-2cm thick. Would have needed an icebreaker-K1. I didn’t think it had been that cold last week for the lake to freeze. Okay it was kinda icy every morning and evening on my bike ride to and from work but it warmed up every day as well. Saw some nice sunrises this week, no sunsets though, just pitch black.

So I spent the day grocery shopping and dragged Jeff out for a “short” walk – short only in distance, we walked for about 1.5hrs. The sun finally did come out in the afternoon. Back home I needed to do some excercise though – already missed out on two nights last week due to too much work. So I went on the kayak erg for 45min. Made me feel much better and ready for a second helping of butter chicken.


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