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January 20, 2013

Day 8: From the Town that made Olympic History to Golden – Canmore (Dec 29)

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Got up refreshed for another day of skiing after breakfast in the room. Another blue sky day and the mountains surrounding Canmore looked stunning. The Nordic Centre is only a short drive from town although the drive through downtown was slow. Canmore was really busy, all the places we saw said “No Vacancy”. We made it to the Nordic Centre by about 11AM again and managed to park fairly close. To our surprise, the trail fee was again only $10 per person. Why do we get gouged at Cypress, Whistler or even Manning with trail fees of $20 or more per person? The trail system is quite extensive and has nicely marked loops anywhere from 8 to 13km in length besides of course all the competitive trails. The map also showed the loops elevation profiles. We started out on skate skis and I picked an easy loop – an out and back with very little elevation gain of about 11km in total, Banff Loop. The steepest climb – and least steep you can pick – was right out of the stadium area and one reached the high point less than half way out. From there it was a gentle downhill. Well, that also meant a gentle uphill on the way back. But again the views were beautiful and made up for any pain – actually it didn’t feel bad at all. Slowly getting better at this skating business, although I am sure my technique is pretty crappy. For a while it looked like some snow heavy clouds were moving in from the northeast but somehow they disappeared again. Back at the Nordic Centre I switched to my Peltonen and this time picked one of the moderate difficult trails – Bow and Meadowview Loop – even though the profile showed some nasty climbs on Meadowview. Anyhow the first part – Bow loop – was a gentle rolling course. The very first part of it wasn’t groomed and I had to work my way through some deeper snow. Mind you, again there wasn’t that much snow in total. Soon enough I was back on perfectly groomed trails. About half way along Bow I saw a whole bunch of deer next to the trail. I stopped to watch them – and catch my breath – together with some other skiers. The animals didn’t seem to mind us at all. They crossed the trail about 2m behind me!!! Very cool. Bow turned into Meadowview at the intersection with Banff Loop. Now I thought the tough climbing would start but it actually wasn’t too bad. Only had to get out of the tracks once on the way to the high point with the most stunning views over the valley and mountains. Great place to stop for pictures – again:-). The toughest part was finding your way down through all the Olympic trails above the Nordic Centre – what a maze up there and no more convenient corner signs. But at the end all I had to do pick any trail going down – they were steep but really wide and easy to ski on. By the way some of the trails like Banff were really busy – tons of newbies were out enjoying the sun. Mind you I was COLD. It said at the lodge that the temperature was only -8 to -6 but there was a bit of a wind and as soon as I stopped skiing I started shivering! I am most certainly not made for cold weather. Good thing we had missed the cold snap they had in Calgary a couple days earlier of below -25C. I would have never skied in those temperatures. Definitely not for 25km and 3hrs25min.

We stopped at Tim’s for a bowl of chilli to warm us up before staring the drive to Golden through Banff and Yoho National Park. Again stunning scenery. Unfortunately, it got dark way before we reached Golden and we missed out on the cool drive down through that narrow valley into Golden. We picked one of the places along the HWY, Ponderosa Inn, and got us another room with a king size bed. Really king size is too big – can’t find each other to huddle up for warmth!! Saw this place for dinner on the drive into town we could walked to. Unfortunately the food wasn’t as good as the outside and name, Golden Grizzly Cookhouse, promised. I had ribs with just a side caesar salad for a whole lot of money. Oh well, it filled the hole in the tummy.


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  1. Nice does of mountains for me, thanks Katja!

    Comment by Catherine — January 23, 2013 @ 1:45 PM

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