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January 20, 2013

No grip s…

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John G convinced me last night to go skiing with him at Callaghan today. And even though Jeff had been nursing his bad back all day yesterday he didn’t want to miss out on another Callaghan ski day. We left town in thick fog but by the time we got to Callaghan the sun was out. The snow was somewhat old and temperatures were above 0 degrees so I decided against using my Peltonen with the grip tape and put on my Fisher crowns. Well, turned out that was not necessarily the best idea. I had NO grip. Or lets call it NO technique to make those crowns work. Have been using the Peltonen so much this year – and I am a bit heavy for them so grip was not really an issue – that I got too lazy to really transfer my weight properly. Usually it only take a while and I figure it out again. Not so today. No matter how hard I tried. Glide was phenomenal but even the slightest incline and I was slipping and sliding. Had a better chance double poling the slight inclines, diagonal stride was non-existent. So I stayed to the lower trails today rather than herringboning up all the way to Madeley Lake. Even bad-back-Jeff caught up with me! And he was disappointed when I told him to get off the back of my skis :-). The one time he atcually was slowing down enough to ski with me and I kicked him off. Just not my day I guess. I gave in after 2hrs and rather sat in the car in the sunshine and read my book.


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  1. I heard classic technique is moving toward more double-pole anyway – maybe you are just on the leading edge? 😉

    Comment by Catherine — January 23, 2013 @ 1:47 PM

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