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January 27, 2013

Just the usual…

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Tough week at work… so I was really looking forward to the weekend. Nothing special. Just a weekend of skiing, kayaking and visiting friends. But isn’t that good enough? I’d think so.

Saturday we, Jeff, John and I, went to Callaghan again. Jeff had moved the bindings on my crowns a bit forward and I wanted to try that out. It was an overcast day with temperatures around zero. But it had snowed a bit during the week and the night before and the snow was a bit softer. Therefore, my crowns worked a bit better. Still seems a lot more effort to get grip but at least I could make them work. Did a lot more climbing than last week all the way up the black trails to Loon Lake (mind you I wasn’t able to stay in the tracks on all the hills), Followed by Madeley Lake and back Norwegian Woods. I was pretty tired by then and had a real sore spot under the ball of my left foot but still had 30min to go before meeting up with the boys. So I did a loop “Around the World” which I walked most of it, I was so tired. Nevertheless, it felt like a good effort, 3hr10min of skiing covering just over 27kms.

That evening we visited our friends Krista and Fred and their kids Anouk and Lukas. They just renovated their house – lived in the basement till mid November of last year – and we wanted to check out the result. Very nice! But man did they do a lot of work – almost like building a new house. Jeff and I would never…. we still don’t have the new floors we talked about in the spring of last year :-).

Today we slept in till 9!!!! Felt sooo good, even though I woke up with a light headache – after only 3 glasses of wine last night..!? Guess I am not only out of physical shape these days. After a great breakfast of cheese omelet with tomatoes and farmers sausage and a bit of lounging around with a book, I headed out for my paddle. As predicted it rained and one could barely see the mountains across Indian Arm from Deep Cove. But the temperature was up at 5C and the water was dead calm just as I like it best. Ran into John again who went for a paddle with Ben and they were on their way back in.  I guess I could have planned that a bit better and paddled with them but that would have meant to get up earlier … The paddle was really nice despite the rain and I felt really good being on the water again. Was out there for almost 2hrs covering just over 17km . If I could just find some heated socks for afterwards… 🙂 I would have stopped after 90min but Jeff hadn’t been back yet – he was out doing some shopping while I paddled. He made that up though by bringing muffins a donuts.

And to wrap up the weekend we went for a night ski at Cypress. It has been lightly snowing up there most of the day and they re-groomed it in the afternoon. It was still snowing a bit when we arrived and about -1C. I used my skates tonight and the conditions were great. Best skate ski I have had yet this season up at Cypress! The hour went by too quickly and I did just over 10km – that included 15min of slow warm up on the practise run without poles. Glad I battled my butt off that comfy sofa I was napping on after my paddle 🙂

A good weekend but I am NOT looking forward to go back to work tomorrow…


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  1. We had a great weekend for skiing here too – no wind, and above -20 so I skied both days! Hip flexors are suffereing a little now, we’ll see how weights go this afternoon.

    Comment by Catherine — January 28, 2013 @ 6:55 AM

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