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February 3, 2013

Reversed order

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Relatively warm temperature this past week have changed the snow conditions for the worse. We went night skiing at Cypress on Monday and Wednesday and the Wednesday ski wasn’t half as much fun. So were to go for the weekend? Both Manning and Callaghan were calling for plus temperatures on Saturday and a bit lower on Sunday. So we decided to reverse the order of things. I went paddling on Saturday and we skied Callaghan on Sunday – not wanting to drive the extra hour to Manning and still encounter only mediocre snow conditions.

Saturday morning started out really foggy again and I figured Burnaby Lake is probably sogged in as well. But, when I got there around noon the sun was actually out and the lake looked so beautiful with the mountains reflection on the flat calm surface. I did a good 110min paddle in my and just over 18km. On lap two the fog rolled back in and the wind picked up a little – crosswind my favourite! By lap 3 the fog had lifted again and the lake turned back to glass.

Burnaby Lake

Sunny Burnaby Lake

And we did something we hadn’t done in a long time – not since “The Lord of the Rings” – we went out to the movie theatre. And guess what we saw – “The Hobbit” of course :-). But we saw it in 3D. The last time I saw a 3D movie must have been 30 years ago, back when the “glasses” were still red and green. The technology has MUCH improved since then – well yeah – and I was actually quite impressed. Butterflies flying right over your head and rocks hitting you right in the face.

The Sunday ski was just as expected. Callaghan was completely sogged in. The snow was old and very slippery in sections. Even my crowns didn’t want to dig in. The downhills though were really fast and I actually covered more km than usual I think. I did my usual lap a bit differently going up Norwegian Woods rather than Madeley Road. I didn’t remember there being that many hills – sigh. All in all 3hrs on classics and something over 24km – that’s when the GPS batteries went dead.

Callaghan sogged in

Callaghan sogged in


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