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March 11, 2013

Snowburn – Mar 9-10 weekend

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Yeah well, I did it. I “skied” my very first 30km loppet on skate skis. We, Jeff, John and I, went to Vernon for the weekend to participate in the Sovereign Lake Loppet on Sunday. On Saturday the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, the snow was a bit soft but fast… and I did manage to complete the 15km loop in 1hr10min with only a couple stops. The course is kinda hilly but the hills are relatively short or shallow. There is only one big hill right near the end that is a bit of a pain where I had to rest twice. Nevertheless, I made up my mind – I can do this.

We spent the night in Vernon and enjoyed good food and a Guinness at the Irish Pub across from the Blue Stream Motel (good deal for the 3 of us – two beds in seperate bedrooms!).

Sunday we woke up to grey skies and temperatures in town below zero, much colder than the 10C the day before. On top of the mountain it was -3C. Overcast skies and it being the start of daylight saving time in Canada didn’t help to allow the air temperature to warm up much before the race. My race plan was to go easy the first lap to make sure I can still do a second. Hence I was almost last off the line but had people ahead of me I could follow. The first lap went reasonably well. The snow felt slower than the day before and it seemed to take longer than my training run. I passed the woman I was trying to catch in the Overlander Loppet a couple weeks ago on a downhill stretch and she didn’t catch up on the next hill either. That gave me a boost to try a bit harder on lap two. But I ran out of gas pretty quick and had to slow down the pace. The hills seemed twice as bad as on lap 1. My left calf started to cramp up, the right ankle was getting sore… but I worked through the pain and steadily moved forward thinking “I can do this” and I was not last. Then we entered the last 3rd of the course with the steepest hill still to come. On lap one I was taking the downhill at full speed – stepping around corners like the pros, well kinda. But on the 2nd lap my legs were tired and my balance gone. I still tried to take on the first downhill without slowing down. Well, should have known better. My left ski got stuck in some groove and I was too tired to lift my foot…I headed right into the trees. Nothing I could do but bury myself headfirst into the snowbanks along the side – scratched up my face a little. I missed all the trees mind you. I wasn’t really hurt but rattled none-the-less. Stars were dancing in front of my eyes for the next 50m. Worst part, the woman I was trying to stay ahead of passed me. That pretty much did it and I had almost nothing left to finish the last 5km of the “race” with the big hills. Somehow I did though, finishing last but only by a minute. 2hrs21min. Jeff was happy for me saying I looked great coming in given I never had skate-skied that distance before without rests. He did the race in 1hr36min. I sure felt it afterwards and even more so today – sore, sore body :-). Why is skating soo much harder than classic technique?

I should really make up my mind if I want to resign to becoming a couch potato for good or if I want to get back into exercising more regularly again…


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  1. Somehow I can’t picture you as a couch potato. Good job on your race, 30km is a good stretch! It is also the distance for skejtloppet in Sweden, a few days before the Vasaloppet through Dalarna. Now that you know you can do it, might be worth a trip over there? 🙂 I skied about 35 km on the weekend (over 2 days though) and had one head-first crash. Good thing there weren’t any trees there!

    Comment by Catherine — March 12, 2013 @ 7:58 AM

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