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April 13, 2013

Winter is back!?

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And not only that, I had a sore back all week-long and was hardly able to move. Didn’t even ride my bike to work Mon-Wed it was soo bad. Couldn’t sit, stand or lay down… I wished for being an albatross, they can hang in the air for days without moving a muscle. I even missed the first TNR+ (Tuesday Night Race) out in Deep Cove!!! Must have been the first in I don’t remember how many years.

Today though it felt better. Cypress Mountain had gotten 30cm of fresh snow since yesterday. Yep, it is cold again in town. Didn’t get over 10C today all day. Early this morning Jeff and I went skiing. It was still lightly snowing up there with temps just below zero. We took our crowns since they usually work the best in fresh snow. And they did but my back did not like the double poling part and I was a bit iffy all around not wanting to fall or do something stupid and wreck myself again for a week. So it was a very slow 1hr 20min ski… I was just glad I could do something again and be outside…

In the afternoon I met up with Jodi and we went for a steady paddle around the Cove. It was overcast with a very light drizzle when we started but by the time we finished our 75min paddle the sun come out. So we could sit outside at the “Bean Around the World” cafe and enjoy some tea/coffee and a sandwich. We felt like we earned it. Afterwards Jodi dragged me into her gym to stretch while she met some clients. it was tempting to try doing some weights again but I am barely able to control my own weight again, never mind adding weights.


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