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May 12, 2013

“Do you want to change to pedestrian mode?”

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2nd fishing weekend, May 4-5. When your GPS asks you the question in the title while DRIVING you know you are on a bad road. But let’s not jump ahead…

Summer has arrived in Vancouver with temperatures sky-rocketing into the mid twenties last weekend – easy a 15C jump in temps from the week before. And Merritt was no exception – endless sun, hot and little wind. Once more our fishing trip started with a tree blocking the road to the lake we had selected – Rickey Lake. And this tree was bigger than the last one. Even though we now have a second bow saw, 36 inches long, this tree was too much and we had to turn around. Plan B was Roche Lake. Haven’t been there in a LONG time. It’s a bigger lake for once and also a Provincial Park with a resort and a couple campsite. Obviously we avoided the resort side but even the other campsite was fairly busy. First spot we picked had a huge ant nest at the launch site – fire ants were crawling up our legs in no time. Nope! The 2nd spot we picked was right next to a group with a generator. No thank you! The 3rd place was quite far away from the lake and on the road but it would work. Jeff was about ready to explode wasting all this time driving and looking for a campsite and rushed out onto the lake. I took it a bit more slowly and went for a hike first. Found this trail with a lot of trees down – go figure – and ended up scratching up my legs all over. Obviously it being hot and sunny I only wore shorts and T-shirt – not really a good idea when bushwhacking. The trail eventually spit me out on a big road at the edge of the park and I almost turned around if not for some moose tracks I followed down the road which led to this really muddy trail to the left. It we a really rough road, lots of puddles and deep holes but when I got near the end of it there was a Tacoma parked there. To my surprise it let right back to Roche Lake. It went on a little past the truck opening up into this nice grassy spot right along the lake, almost flat and no other campers around except for the two people in the Tacoma that were tenting like us and likely looking for quite and solitude like us. I “rushed” back to the place we had “parked” – good thing I left before ever setting up camp. Well rushing is not quite the right word either. Since I wanted to know how to get there by car (could never get the truck down the first trail because of all the trees) I followed that big road back to the Provincial Park campsite and it was a LONG way around. Lucky for me, Jeff was near the shore when I got back to camp 3 and I told him about the spot I found. He was to row his boat up there while I was to take the truck. Was a bit nervous about taking the new truck down this muddy road but hey – there was already a Tacoma in there and if the truck can handle it so should I… When I left the campsite I had to stop for 3 deer to cross the road … all this walking/stalking I do to see wildlife. These 3 were right outside the campsite, sigh. Anyhow, I made it down the muddy road without any trouble and almost without a scratch. There was this one tight spot with a tree halfway into the road and that tree was in the middle of a big puddle. I was too lazy to get the saw and the gum boots out … somehow those guys made it past it. The nice spot at the end of it was still empty. I had been a bit worried since it took me a good 2 hrs to walk back and another 20 min to drive. Jeff was already in the bay. I sat up camp and relaxed for a bit. When Jeff got off the Lake we watched the muskrat and the sunset while sitting at the campfire. Our neighbours were very quiet and despite for some noise from across the lake (some private cabin) it was nice and quite – definitely gets an A for campsite.

Fishing had not been so great… Therefore we packed up early the next morning – it was already warm – and headed out to another lake in the area – Hosley Lake. Jeff had heard lots about the quality of fish in that smaller lake but the road into it was supposed to be pretty rough. Now that we were “experts” in navigating muddy roads we figured we can get into any lake. And we did. The road wasn’t as bad as we thought but definitely a 4×4 road with lots of mud and deep ruts – this was when the GPS suggested to change to “Pedestrian Mode”. The reward, at the end of it was this really pretty lake. Gin-clear water from beige to green to dark blue in colour, depending on the depth. What I didn’t expect was the number of boats on the water (12 in total us included). Seems to be a popular spot. But they all looked like hard-core fly fishers – small boats with oars or maybe an electric motor at the most. I picked the spot I wanted to fish later – a little bluff not far from where we parked. Most people were on the other side of the lake (I like to stay away from crowds). But first I went for a little walk … lot of mud-puddles to navigate around, should have taken the truck :-). When I got back to the lake after about an hour and a half later I saw Jeff anchored in MY spot – fish on. So I went over there right away. But he was fishing really deep. To deep for me to cast. I tried shallow for a while but didn’t get into anything. When Jeff hooked into this monster fish – unfortunately we only saw him jump a few times before he came off, I put on a long-long leader as well. But really, that’s no fun fishing for me and I soon fell asleep. Needless to say I didn’t catch anything. I left the lake after a couple of hours, grabbed my blanket and book and roasted in the sun for a bit and napped a bit more. We didn’t leave the lake till 6PM… and by then my shoulders were fried but you should have seen Jeff’s legs – he had been in shorts all day 🙂


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